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Saturday, March 24, 2012

03.24.12 - New Camera and BR ♥

*dances* I got a new camera!! Before you say anything... yes, I did get that Sony one recently BUT I didn't like how my photos turned out. AND I only said I'd buy this camera if someone bought the Sony one first! 

Lucky me! Someone bought my Sony one! <--Sandy, btw. 

Though... It was a last minute purchase. Oh,... I couldn't think of the word but it's "impulse buy". Like I said, I wanted to wait until the Sony sold first. Also, I was having kind of a bad day :(

I've been sick for the last few days. On Monday, I started feeling it but I was like "meh! Whatever!". On Tuesday, I started to cough :/ and from Wednesday until now...I've been having dry non-stop coughing with sore throat and am very light headed.

Next week, I've got vacation (paid!) but I wanted to work all my days this week so I could get a full pay check. But I was feeling really crappy. My cough is getting worse as the days go by :( So, I was planning on working for just half a day or something. 

All the cashiers and one of the other supervisors tried kicking me out ;P [in a nice way] But I told them I'll try and leave during my lunch break. But the supervisor in charge [we take turns to be the supervisor in charge. I'm the Sup in Charge most of the days I work EXCEPT on Friday] REFUSED to let me go. I think it's because the other supervisors are the lazy ones and he wanted me to work. 

BUT! I wouldn't. I mean, I was still there and did things minimally...I spent a lot of the time in the corner ...away from everyone! Sanitizing everything I've touched. <--That was fun LOL! At least I got my full day of work :P 

Anyway, I was feeling miserable and the purchase of the new camera perked me up. :) YAY! And I love it, btw. Better than the SONY by a billion times!

Everyone kept trying to talk me out of getting a Samsung but I told them that I didn't like Canon (unless it's an SLR) and I love my Sony SLR but it's a pain to lug around. I've tried most brands (it helps that I work at an Electronics store ;P): Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Samsung, Olympus and out of all of them...and the way I want my photos to turn out... the Samsung was the best choice.

 Taken with the former camera, the Sony
 Taken with the former camera, the Sony.  

Yes, it's purple! :D In the ad...I thought it was blue. But it's okay. Better than boring silver and black. I don't like the red ones either.

 Anyway! I did a pre-order on the Battle Royale Complete Collection on and I received this yesterday. I must say I LOVE the packaging! It's shaped as a book. When I opened my package, I was like "did I order the wrong thing? I ordered a DVD!" :P 

Ahh, Battle Royale is my absolute fave movie! (and novel!) This is what the packaging looks like (it's sideways, sorry!). It includes TWO versions of the movie: Director's Cut and the Theatrical version, Behind the Scenes DVD, and Battle Royale II <--what? They made a BRII?! Yeah, but it sucks sooo bad!

Unlike in the first BR, you didn't get to know the students. In BR, most of the students made an impression on you. But in BRII, HALF the students die within 15 minutes of the movie!!! X_x; I'm not even joking! The story is bland and the acting is HORRID. *sigh* Well, at least I've got my BR! :)

Okay, I'm having crazy coughing fits right now. I shall go! I hope I'll survive tomorrow since I have a closing shift X_x; AND I get to be sup in charge for the LONGEST duration! (2-630pm!)

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