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Monday, March 26, 2012

03.26.12 - Make it go away :(

This is a very whiny/complain-y post :D Don't read ;D~

I'm some sort of sick, though, I think it's the flu. *sigh* You hate me don't you? You have to let me get sick RIGHT before my vacation (not like I'm going anywhere but I'd like to be free and NOT SICK!). 

I thought it would go away by now but it actually got worse. I didn't have any sinus congestion or sinus problems before, just dry sore throat with non-stop coughing. Nope, now it's everything you can think of! X_x; All the sinus stuff started yesterday when I was at work.

I was feeling pretty shitty and everyone was saying how bad I looked and sounded. You know how when you cough so much that you can barely speak? Yeah, that's how I am now. It's hilarious hearing me answer the phones at work. 

Anyway, I kept saying I'll stick it out, cuz after my vacation, I'd like to have a regular sized check instead of one where it's smaller because I decided to go home early.

But I kept getting worse. The last straw was when one of the department managers came over and said "OMG you need to go home!" X__x; So I went to the top supervisor (he's only 2 positions higher than me) and asked if I could go early. He said "It's your choice..." blah blah blah <-- like he didn't care. I went on a break and told another sup who was having lunch at that time that I was gonna go home during my lunch break.

As we were chatting about other things, Mr. Top Sup came over and said "Never mind, I can't have you go." O___O;; um.. what?! You do know that I'm useless to you right? I can't do anything! <--Anything meaning TALKING TO CUSTOMERS since we ARE in the Customer Service Department!

Blah, but because I'm one of those people that can't say NO... I stayed and was going to go home an hour earlier. Unfortunately for me, it got SUPER DUPER DUPER busy at that time. They must've known I was trying to leave so all the customers came in at the same time ;/ so I couldn't leave the other sup by himself (we were closing together)

Anyway, I went home totally and completely exhausted and wondered how the heck am I going to deal with going to work on Monday (tomorrow) because I have another closing shift AND with an inexperienced and VERY LAZY supervisor. *sigh* Luckily, the closing manager is OUR dept manager.

Yeah, I don't feel any better. I'm getting so much sinus pain that I want to poke out my eyes and face just to relieve the pressure. 

Anyway! Other than all of my sickness stuffs! I haven't been able to do anything and am scared to draw because if I do and I have another non-stop coughing fit... I KNOW I'll ruin the drawing. I can't work on i+t stuff unless it's like designing something on the computer...cuz if I did...that'd be kind of gross X_x;

I DID decide to start using my planner again. I used to use a planner all the time and just got plain lazy. I was decorating it and such. I was also organizing my i+t recipes, so that was fun. 

I also started watching "BOYS OVER FLOWERS" the Korean version. I've seen the Japanese one before and it was like BLAH! I've read the manga a million times (thanks scanlations!) and watched the anime a billion times. I've seen SOME of the Taiwanese ones but I found the Taiwanese and Japanese drama version of be annoying X_x; I don't know why. I like the Korean one, so far. I mean I'm up to ep 6 now.

ONE MORE WORK DAY and I'll be on VACAY! WOO! I hope I can pick up my vacation check tomorrow. I totally forgot you could get it early until someone reminded me LOL. 

I want to make a mini-zine / comic during my vacation. Instead of the 24 hour comic, I'd like to make it my vacation comic LOL. Nothing's going to happen but... I miss drawing comics. :) I don't want to make it simple either...I want to make it a full-blown comic! 

Ugh... I think I'll actually have to take some Nyquil tonight. I hate taking Nyquil but I haven't slept in DAYS because of my stupid coughing. Luckily, I can wake up late tomorrow. Yeah... I think I"ll do that. :) Goodnight y'all! :D

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