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Thursday, April 5, 2012

04.05.12 - What's for dinner?

THIS! jk!!! 

Anyway, this little weirdo-but cute-looking case is what I'm using for my new camera. The old COACH one I used before, Sandy bought it from me too. This isn't new. Well... it kind of is. On my last trip to SF, when I got those kawaii surprise packs, this was one of the items in it. So, it's KINDA new ;)
Can you believe I'm still sick!? It's been over 3 weeks X_x; Mom was kind of worried and told my grandma (her mom) [she visited the other day and I was hacking up a lung] who told her to take me to see a doctor. Mom told me to go but I declined. Besides, she told me to go TODAY which was when they were going to SF and I had to work and I have an opening shift [the ONLY supervisor there until 10am]. So, I couldn't really leave since if I did ask for someone to take over my one would answer the phone at 5 am ;)

Honestly though, I AM feeling better. I can speak...just not loudly and I still sound sick (nasal-y?). Most of the time I don't cough but when I do... it's those dry-non-stop ones :/ 

Example, whenever we have opening shifts...RIGHT before the store opens...we have to do a "wonderful" store cheer. They would pick on people to lead it. If the department managers want to be funny, they pick my department because we're the quietest/shy-est bunch. And I always have to lead it and cuz I'm shy... I blush like a madwoman.

Today, as they were doing the meeting... and they were picking US (not surprised) to lead the cheer; I had the coughing fit and they're like "OMG! Are you okay? Don't die! Btw, do the cheer!" -_-;;; UGhhh!!!!

My mom sounds better and my dad's already getting over his cold that he stole from me. Lol. Lucky them. It's just I have a very weak immune system. *sigh*. 

Today, I didn't know what to make for dinner. Usually, it's some sort of vegetable that we use the same ingredients except for the actual vegetable and some sort of meat dish and of course rice.

 Here's the some sort of vegetable. Gailon / Chinese Broccoli and ...another Asian vegetable >__> I don't know what it's called. LOL

I didn't know what to make for the meat but I saw that we had some chicken breast so I cut them up and made some Japanese curry with tomato and corn.
I made too much of this -_-; This is a GIANT bowl! X_x;;; GIANT GIANT bowl that can last us a week and a half (I believe). Nom nom! I lovers! hehe

The parents didn't come home on time. They were stuck in traffic for 2 hours. TWO HOURS!!!! So their commute back from SF took 3 1/2 hours! X_x; By the time they came back everything was cold. fresh curry or veggies for them.

I also made some steamed eggs but they looked kinda ugly so ;P No pix! And I know you know what white steamed rice looks like pix ;D~

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  1. THAT POUCH IS SO CUTE!!! Lucky Linda!

    Also, get better already. It's been too long! OJ, those vitamin C packets... oh EmergenC!!! SLEEP. Lots of water!!! I hope you get well. Not soon, NOW. <3