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Sunday, April 15, 2012

04.15.12 - My loves this month...and what's on my desktop

I haven't done a blog post on here in awhile. So I shall include what I've been loving this month. 

I don't know how I came across this, but I did... I found this on HuluPlus.
Boys Before(Over?) Flowers the Korean drama.

If you know me, I don't really watch Korean dramas. I watch Japanese ones. Or at least, I try to. I mainly watch Japanese ones because I took Japanese for 4+ years and because I don't use it on a daily basis, I'm losing it ;( I don't even watch Japanese dramas all the time. Mostly because I don't know where to watch them. Lol! 

Anyway, one of my favorite shoujo manga is Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before/Over Flowers). I've seen the HK version and the Japanese version of the dramas and I have the anime. I didn't like the actors in the HK and the Japanese dramas. I loved the manga and anime... Anyway, I was like "I'll give it a shot". OMFG I LOVE THIS ONE! :D In fact, I'm watching it AGAIN! >__>;;; Well just the first 3 episodes since I forgot them LOL!

I'm thinking when I have the money or whatever, I'll buy this on DVD. It's hard for me to watch anything online since I have a pretty slow connection, so waiting for it to buffer is a pain in the butt. Sadly, I can watch it on my phone FASTER than on my laptop. :P But, I don't like to do that.

I've mentioned a billion times before in my previous posts that I've been sick. I'm STILL SICK! (WHAT!?) I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY slowly getting better. I don't have the non-stop coughing fits any more. YAY! (at least...I haven't had it today...I had ONE yesterday but...that was only once)

Anyway, throughout the time I was sick, I took spoonfuls of that! (the bad photo :P). Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. You know... I don't really know what it is. My family shoves that down my throat every time I'm sick and have the coughs. It's a syrup but it's not a cough syrup. I don't really know what it is (like I said), but I know that it's supposed to help soothe your throat and etc. And it really does! It doesn't taste nasty but it is a very very very thick syrup and it's VERY sweet. Oh! It tastes like the original Ricolas but...sweeter and more...flavor? (And obviously in a syrup :P)

When I started using this, (at this time) we had to open up a new one and I've completely used it up O_o; Heehee... >_>;;; 

My family says that if you have a really bad sore throat like strep throat, you mix a spoonful in hot water/warm water and it'll soothe it like that. <--that's only if your throat hurts so much that you can't swallow a super thick syrup :P

Of course I'm going to talk about BAGS!!!! DUHHH!!! 

I've been eyeing this bag for a few months at Nordstrom and I know I shouldn't get it since I've got a billion bags. A BILLION (okay not really)...

Okay, I really can't justify my purchase on it. It was on sale, though! LOL! >_> And it was the last one ;__;
 It's a Ted Baker satchel. I was too lazy to take a pic of it but this is what it looks like. It's funny how the promo photo makes it look small. The bag is pretty spacious! I seriously love this bag. In fact, out of alllllll the bags I have, I love this the most and I hope and pray it won't die on me ;__; Oh, the one I have is the black one :P The light pink one looks really nice too but... I'd be scared to mess it up cuz it was so light LOL. 

It's funny how different colors of things can make products look better. 

When I was looking at the Ted Baker bags, I was looking at the one above this one and this one (of course I wanted both in black). When I set out to buy it, I was actually going to get this one but after checking it out in person (and the fact that the one above is $30 cheaper...), I ended up getting that one. 

I like the fact that they're very structured. I'm very picky when it comes to bags (even though I have a billion, I want them to be certain things :P). The one that I have, it didn't look as stiff as this, but if you see it in person, it is. I don't mean stiff but it has an actual shape to it. I wonder if I made any sense. 

Here are a few other Ted Baker bags I saw that I wanted. This one, I don't think they have any more... I didn't think this one was very practical but I like the shape of it ;)

Once my tote dies and I have the money for it, I'm getting this one! I'm thinking of the light pink one ;)
I like this one but not as much as the one above. :P
So I've not been in the best of moods lately. Lots of things have been happening that's just...left me in a bad mood. So as a small pick me up, I've been wearing my favorite rings every day. If you know me, I don't wear rings much. Mostly because they get in the way of my work and I'm TERRIFIED of losing them. (story soon)

Both of the rings you see here, I got about 4-5 years ago. (well...kinda...story on that later) They're both from Alchemy Gothic. The one above is the Betrothal ring

And this one is the Broken Heart ring. This one is my absolute fave one. 

I, mainly, don't wear rings because of this! --> A few years ago...

As a cashier (my position then), we had duties. One of them was restroom duties (refilling toilet paper, paper towels, soap dispensers, and sweeping). I was refilling the toilet seat covers when my ring PLOPPED OFF!!! ...INTO THE TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait wait wait! IT HAD AN AUTOMATIC FLUSH!!!

YEP!!! It flushed my fave ring of the universe, away!!!!!!! ;__; I was sooooooooooo sad!!! SOOOOOOOOOO SAD!!! I had to save up money again to buy another one ;__; Which I got about 3 years ago. But after that... I wouldn't wear it to work. 

But anyways, I've been wearing them to make myself feel better. It also helps that my fingers seemed to have fattened up (lol! is that a good thing?) because they're not as loose as before. They're still loose enough for me to easily take them off, but not sooo loose that if I waved my hands around they'd just fly off.

Okay, those were my faves for the month. Now to show something random! Stuff that's on my desktop (on my laptop!). 
If you're a Battle Royale fan, you know what this is. 

When I had my graphic design class, one of our assignments was to create a DVD cover, CD cover, and a BOX. What I did was I decided to do it on Battle Royale which is my favorite movie! Anyway, I made two DVD covers (1st and 2nd movie), a CD cover (soundtrack), and the box. I created a box that would house all of them (which I had all those items btw) including the Japanese companion book. (obsessed much?) I found the camo print (above) of the camo uniform they used in Battle Royale II and designed a GIANT sticker to stick onto the box.

Anyway, since I'm making a Battle Royale collection, I was trying to find the camo print again. TAA DAA! I found it :)
These two dresses you see here are from Juliette et Justine. I'm using them as reference for one of my most recent drawings (I'm almost done!!) I just leave them on my desktop for easy access ;P

Aren't they so pretty?

This is my new logo... I don't know why it's not in it's folder -_-;

Here's a Victorian Maiden dress. Also, using this for reference in my latest drawing. I'm thinking it's a little to frilly for my character though, so I might change it... it doesn't look right on her...

Anyway, that's all for this incredibly random post ;D

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  1. I love JJ!!! Swoon.

    That ring story is TRAGIC. I wear a platinum ring on my middle finger, but when I lost weight it was too loose & I had to wear it on my thumb... but even that was too loose. I wear it on my middle finger now that I've fattened up again.

    :( I hope you don't lose any more rings! I would've cried by that toilet. hahaha