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Saturday, May 26, 2012

05.26.12 - I really should be working on something else

But I'm here cuz I'm excited! 

One of the things I was stressing about was my vacation. I won't be able to use money but because I can't be at home >_> I have to go places. But I didn't have any idea where to go!

I had this weird idea but I had to make sure the other people would be okay with it first. 

The idea was.... 
A COMIC! A collaboration between my friends! Instead of a 24 hour comic, it'll be a 5-day comic! (We spend 5 days on it). So, we decided to meet up and work on it. I wanted to do that on my last vacation but I was constantly distracted and didn't want to ;P~ Lol!

But this time, we're going to do it! We created a schedule on when to meet up. We're going to meet up at the nearby library so we won't be distracted by things at home and etc. We've already discussed the story, so I'm quite excited about it.

I gave out the duties:
April = Character art! [draws all the characters/people in it]
Bryant = layouts and backgrounds [does the frames and background art X_x;]
Me = Story, inks, and colors.

MWAHAHAHA! I'm so excited! Woot!

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