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Sunday, May 27, 2012

05.27.12 - Random thoughts

I'm a total bag whore @_@; 

When I saw the Celine Phantom bags, I was like wtf. But, for some reason...the Celine Luggage Nano really appealed to me. (I'm too lazy to include pix here). But I don't want it. I was just talking about the shape of the bag and I liked the size.

So I was thinking, OMG those days when I wanted to learn to sew and bought a bunch of fabric... I CAN USE THEM NOW! Yeah... Maybe I'll sew a bag O_O; just for fun. It's just going to be a mini-tote/shopper bag. I can't explain it. But, I thought it'd be cute. Just for fun. I can't sew very well, but *shrugs*

Yeah, I might end up doing that on my day off tomorrow(today?). 
Went to work today (closing shift). I only said "Hi" to Linda C. and suddenly she looks at me and looks like she's going to cry "I hate how your family treats you"....all she said was that and I started bawling my eyes out. I've been trying so hard not to cry this past week but the last few days I've just been crying. 

People in my department saw... -_-; and I ran and hid in a corner (no joke). I tried calming down but then suddenly, it came out again...big heaving sobs X_x; So embarassing. After about 20 minutes, I finally calmed down and tried to distract myself/busy myself by checking my work emails and making the closing duties list. 

I guess Linda C. felt bad for me and bought me lunch. Lol. But the only thing I wanted was pot stickers. X_x; Unfortunately, it has pork in it...but my rashes were there anyway because of the pot luck [had some other stuff I was allergic to but didn't know X_x; ]. So I was like SCREW IT! I'll get some pot stickers! I have rashes already! And they were good. Nom nom! :D~

Of course, I'm quite itchy now :D~ Good thing I refilled my prescription LOL

It was quite slow today... Sandy spent it making sure people were going to my birthday dinner. She texted me an hour ago saying that we have 40!!!! people going X_x; How did it get to be so many!? How is the restaurant going to accommodate us?! Are we going to close it down for them because of how many people we have!? I feel so bad. But, I don't think all 40 people are actually going. They say they ARE FOR SURE, but honestly, I don't think they will.

I feel kinda bad for my friend who doesn't know any of these people. All the people that were invited [even the ones I don't really talk to/know] are employees of the place I work at or former employees. My friend is coming from Chico (1 1/2 hours north) where I used to live. X_x; But she said she'll be there.

I'm going to bring my camera and take pix like a mad woman :P

My friend finally replied to my text about us going to SF. She said she's still up for it. I told her that I had made some TEMPORARY plans because I wasn't sure if we were still going cuz she didn't tell me she was going to leave the state. Anyway, I told her that we can go. But she tells me "...don't change your plans on my account, cause my schedule is crazy busy." To me, it sounds like she didn't even want to go. I know it doesn't look like it to you but...she's done this to me MANY MANY MANY times before. *sigh*

I haven't decided what I'll do. I mean, I want to do the comic thing but I want to go to SF too. I know it's not far (1 1/2 hours away), but my car is stupid and can't handle a long drive. X_x; I dunno...

I'm hoping the parents aren't home tomorrow. I need to RELAX -_-; My nerves are going crazy! 

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