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Friday, June 22, 2012

06.22.12 - Scars and White Shirts

A week ago, I was craving for a tuna sandwich. >_< It was a VERY strong craving. Ever since I found out I was allergic to seafood, pork, and beef... I've been craving for those things. Especially pork which is WEIRD because I didn't realize how much pork we used to have. I think it's because my mom always mixed it in things so you don't really notice? Maybe?

I feel kind of bad because now all of our meals have to be separated. Usually, we just fling them all together but because of my allergies, my food has to be made separately. We use a lot of oyster sauce and now I can't have it. 

Anyway, so that day my STRONG craving for a tuna sandwich made me weak... cuz I got one from the cafe at work. X_x; Next thing you know, I had rashes on my body. Not a lot... but enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

But I must've scratched in my sleep or something because now I have a big patch of rash scars. I was surprised since I don't remember scratching. But like I said, I probably scratched in my sleep... It's like when you get mosquito bites... sometimes you just scratch them in your sleep. I know I do.

I'm lactose intolerant. I can handle a TEEENY TINY bit of dairy, like in a candy bar or something. But in most things, I can't. 

Anyway, I noticed that when I DO have a teeny tiny bit of dairy (aka chocolate cuz of my unhappy moods lately)... My eczema flares up. It doesn't just get a teeny bit itchy. Omg no, I get SUPER DUPER itchy! In fact, I think I get more itchy than when I have my allergic-reaction-rashes. X_x;

Onto other news, my brand new white shirt is ruined. *sigh* Isn't that how it always is? White shirts just attract all the things you don't want on them. The same thing happened to me a week ago (?). I was doing a cash pull and leaned against the safe... TAADAAA!!! BLACK GREASE STAINS!!

This makes me REALLY sad because #1) It's a NEW shirt!!!!!! #2) I ACTUALLY LIKE IT!!! X___x; I liked it enough to buy one in a different color!  #3) It makes me feel thinner (I dont' think it makes me LOOK thinner but it makes me FEEL thinner :P~)

I'm going to try to get it off. It's not as much as the other one... there's a smear on my boob and on my hip-area. :/ And because it's JET BLACK grease, it's quite noticeable.

I was bored two hours ago... There was no one to talk to online, nothing to read or watch... so I decided to stock up on two of my shades. I was going to do 3 but my eyes got tired. Since my supplier doesn't make some of the ingredients I needed any more... I re-formulated those two colors instead. 

I also made a list of what I needed to stock up on (err... re-make so I would have enough to sell). I need to make (as of now) 17 shades. So much fun.

When I got home from work, I don't know what happened. I just suddenly wanted to write down some new ideas for colors.

Then, it turned out that I wanted to create a whole new collection. It makes me sad because I still haven't finished the Lurvlies and I haven't decided on any colors for the BR collection yet. X_x; 

Well, this new collection has 23 colors and it's literally all planned out already. The colors are all planned out (I had some super inspiration or something!) and the names are too. I wrote it all down.

The sad part is... I have names for the BR collection (I believe it'll be 19 shades) but I haven't decided on colors yet. 

Ugh,.. I'm rambling and my eyebulbs are wanting to shut :P

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