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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's only June and I can't believe it's so hot already. It's going to be 103 on Saturday *falls over and dies*. Even if I've lived in Chico (almost same weather as here) and here for... 10+ (wow really?) years, I still can't get used to the weather! I want my Bay Area weather damnit! Where it's 60+!!!! ;__; 

In fact, let's compare temperatures right now :P
Oh, SF! Take me back!!! X_x;;;
I'm wondering if I'm the only one but whenever it gets hot, I get a headache. I get more migraines too.

I couldn't sleep last night -_-; I think I was thinking about the evacuation drill too much because when I did sleep, I had a dream about it. Lol

So when I arrived, my manager told me that we have to do things a certain way. We're supposed to do these drills every year. Last year, there was one scheduled during my shift (again) but something happened and it was cancelled.

Anyway, because it was during our opening times... my manager scheduled more people (apparently, all the departments did that too) because they wanted a lot of people to participate in it. After my two (yeah only 2) cashiers were done turning on the registers, I told them what they had to do. They also had to do some in-store pickup orders. I told them that if they were back in the department when the evacuation drill happens, to go out the nearest emergency exit and meet up front WAYYYYY on the far side of the parking lot.

All the supervisors that were in charge (like me) had to remember to bring out the attendance sheet. Well guess what? :P There was a power outage yesterday (it usually happens when the weather gets suddenly super hot and everyone turns on their AC and it affected this area. <--I live like 10 min away from work and my house's power went out too.) so it messed up our system and they couldn't print out the attendance sheets for every department so we had to go by the copies of our posted schedules. Luckily, there wasn't a billion cashiers... there was only two. (We have 50+ cashiers altogether. We used to have 200 :/ Oh the hard times...)

When they announced the drill, we left as a group (kind of) with the Audit Department and Cafe Department. They didn't know what they were doing. One of my cashiers was back in the Computer Department (opposite side of the store) so I had hoped he would find us. Lol! 

Lunedah, the cafe associate was like "where do we exit!?" And I told her the emergency exit directly in front of her. She was like "How do I open it?" XD~~ We told her to push the latch and she did. Since it was the emergency exit, the alarm went off. It's funny because once we were the first people to open the emergency exits. All of our emergency exits have this ear piecing wail of an after we pushed ours, we heard all the others. :P 

We walked in the heat (even at 7am!!!!) to the far side of the parking lot. We watched all the other associates be confused because no one knew where they were going LOL, then my manager yelled at everyone to follow us. Where we did roll-call to see if everyone in each department was accounted for. I still didn't see my other cashier but he was one of the last people to arrive. X_x;

After two more minutes, we went back inside. I was like "umm...that was it?" :P~ I worried for nothing?! LOL! Oh well.

Well, that was the most exciting thing that happened to me today. Wow, my life is quite lame. Lol!

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