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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

09.25.12 - Sleeping problems = shopping sprees

Okay, that title is false. Lol! But I didn't know what else to say. 

A week ago (?) Kawaii-Ya [forgot their site, but it's on their fb page] posted on their FB page that if you buy $20 worth of shtuff, you get 3 adorable sheets of Halloween stickers. Omg, have you been to their site? You can spend more than $20! That's what I did! -_-; 
I was having a bad day when I received it, but when I received it, I was super duper happy and excited. Funny how material things make you happy ;) Hehehe. Most of it's going to be used for my i+t store and my planner. All the deco tape is for my store and MOST of the stickers are for my planner. My planner is going to be so damned decorated! You might as well just call it a sticker book LOL

 Speaking of planners. I received my planners (yes two of them) from Yesstyle awhile ago. I purchased two of them. This one and a very plain one. (No adorable pix or anything...just text and ....that's it LOL) I had a hard time deciding which one I'm going to use and I planned on starting in October. I chose the overly cute one. Though, honestly, I think I should've chosen the plain one. It has more writing space.... and since it's the holiday season... I usually end up doing more things... Oh well! It's already too late since I've already started decorating them and adding the monthly tabs (you can kind of see it in the photo above).

I'm going to make my planner sickeningly cute! The one I'm using now is deathly boring. I don't decorate or use colorful pens. Why? It's ugly... But has a lot of room to write in. I can't color coordinate because of the paper. It smudges all gel pens, felt-tip pens, roller ball pens. So I'm just using a boring ballpoint pen. 

Shockingly, I've been using my planner religiously the past month. It helps me keep track of my bills, chores I have to do around the house since the parents aren't home, my store stuff, work stuff, etc. Though honestly, mostly things I have to do around the house. 

 I've been looking for a new wallet. The ones I have are too big or too small. I like the size of the long wallets but the ones I have are too clunky and chunky! 

I went to Nordstrom today and was debating on two wallets. This one [Ted Baker] and a Kate Spade one. Since they were displayed next to each other, I just shut my eyes and grabbed one. 

The Kate Spade one is a zip-around wallet. I don't really like those but it does keep everything secure. Not only was it a long wallet, it was also a little bigger (in height). I have a medium-sized bag and the long wallets already BARELY fit in my bag, so if I got that one... :/ I should just bring my wallet. 

The reason I chose this one is that the leather is soft. The  Kate Spade one was very structured and STIFF. As much as I liked the stiffness... I had a feeling I was going to have a hard time getting things out of my wallet. This wallet looks quite stiff but it's actually very squishy. Lol. It's not made out of cheap leather either, it's really nice. This is my 2nd Ted Baker wallet. The other one I have is clunky -_-;. This one... not so much. ^_^;

There were different designs. There was another one that reminded me of spring that I was deciding on... but I really liked this vintage-feel. I don't know... I just think it's beautiful. :P

Well, that's all for now! I forgot I had to open tomorrow. Somehow, that always happens -_-;

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