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Saturday, September 22, 2012

09.22.12 - Random thoughts because I don't want to sleep ;)

As the title says... I don't want to sleep, so I just go through random web sites. I like trying to find indie comics. I would DIE to go to APE-con which is held in October (next month!) in San Francisco. I wonder if I can get the days off ;P

Anyway, I was looking through my webcomic lists that I haven't read in a LONG time. <--I should say I haven't read ANY webcomics in like years, but I have them bookmarked. It made me want to do webcomics again. I wanted to do a slice of life, almost daily thing like Johnny Wander. Honestly, my favorite webcomics are slice of life. 

Well, I was thinking that if I did this I'd have to commit to it and I'd have to learn to draw faster or do it digitally. The thing is, I'm not a digital artist. I like to do things traditionally. If I did that, I'd like to work on it as much as possible which means I'd want to work on it at work. That's really hard for me to do because I get distracted really easily and if people saw that I was drawing, they would bug me about it. 

Besides, I have my i+t stuff to work on. I, honestly, miss drawing comics. One of these days, I'll have to finish the prologue to [LIFE^2] after all... I only have 2 pages left to do and that's not including the cover. <--that makes me really sad because TWO PAGES! GAHHhhh! Why is it so hard?! ;( Why do I keep putting it off!?

Though, the [LIFE^2] story is harder for me to do because while the prologue is well-thought out; the rest of it is still in the "notes" stages. 

When I do my comics, I want people to be emotionally attached to them. I like heart-warming stories, I like stories that create different emotions in the readers.... *sigh* I really am babbling. I guess I should go to bed now...

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