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Saturday, December 15, 2012

12.15.12 - Chocolate & Zines ♥

 I was in Walgreens (the store not the site),  looking for a quick Christmas gift for Sandy. I found some lipglosses in a set. Anyway, I was wandering around their holiday section HOPING and PRAYING to see if my favorite chocolate has been stocked yet. It only comes out during the holiday seasons ;__; I don't even know why. It's only a mint chocolate, but these are so good! I should buy them all! LOL! Alas, I bought 2. 

The other day, on Facebook, I follow some zine pages and someone posted that there would be a small zine fest in the bay area. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go, so I shared it with my friend. Lucky her, she got to go and she did a post on it!

I was so jealous. We started talking about zines and such and it made me look up zines again. I did a google search on this zine that I read that I loved Not My Small Diary and most of the places I looked at...they were sold out :(

But I found ONE place that had it. HERE and that's where I got the zines that I'll be showing you.

Here they are... there are some smaller zines but... the bigger ones are covering them.

You know what... I don't even remember what I ordered since I deleted my email (I'm smart. I do that whenever I receive my order). They were out of stock on 3 of them but the ones I did really want were in stock, so I told her to pick random ones for me! And she did! ♥

I love the cover of this :)

 Whenever I think of zines, I think of these cut and paste ones. I really like these.

YAY!!! I was super excited for this! ♥ Since these were the ones I really wanted...

 This was another one that I ordered. I skimmed through it during my lunchbreak. Lol. These are my favorite types of zines also. Compilations of peoples' experiences. 

 I just finished reading this one. It's a really small zine. It's really cute. Some of the messages were strange... like THIS ONE:

 Excerpt from : OK Cupid Messages I have not responded to

A cute little flyer that was included in my order...

Side 2 of the flyer...

YAY! Do you like zines? 

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  1. Ahhh OKC! I had a lot of funny & some freaky messages. I kept them for a while, but my inbox overflowed so I had to delete them. :(

    Anyway, my friend had a table at the zine fest! It was cool.