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Sunday, December 23, 2012

12.23.12 - Could it be..?! o_O;

This week, work has been BUSY! No surprise at all! 

One of the cashiers needed to be counted out, so I counted her out. She had been out sick for the last couple of days and apparently she was still sick. How do I know? She coughed in my face 5 times, while I was counting her out. Would you be surprised to find out that I'm sick now too!!? Me, with my low immune system! I was feeling it on Wednesday AND Thursday but it came about yesterday.

I couldn't speak, I had a really bad sore throat, bad sinus congestion, fever, etc. You name it! So, I had to call into work. I didn't want to. Whenever I call in, I feel like they never believe me. Luckily, the one who answered was Rida. And she's super nice. I croaked into the phone that I was sick and couldn't come in. Then, I went back to bed. Lol! -_-; I called 4 hours in advance! Mostly cuz I couldn't sleep, then I totally passed out after I called in >_>;

Unfortunately, I couldn't call in today because I have a closing shift and closing by yourself is NO FUN AT ALL! ESPECIALLY now that we have less people working than we used to. I remember I used to close by myself all the time -_-; Anyway! My voice is still gone, I have some sort of weird cough thinger, still congested, and I had a fever in the morning.

All this, while it was CRAZY BUSY AT WORK!!!!! It was BUSIER THAN BLACK FRIDAY!!! WHAT!?!?!? You heard me! BUSIER THAN BLACK FRIDAY!!!! That's kind of sad (I think). But I think it goes to show that people don't want to shop on Black Friday any more. We had lines all day and I was running around the universe doing in-store pickups, passwords, and cash pulls. All the other supervisors were on the registers ringing up! 

My manager was working too (Actually, I think all the department managers worked today). He stayed in our department to help out cuz he saw that I was sick and had a hard time breathing and talking -_-;;; Lol! He had to answer all phone calls when I was DSC and no one else was around. That was kind of funny. :P

Anyway, we got out late today... I, literally, clocked out at 1158pm. -_-; I almost hit the 5-hour mark, which isn't good! Thank goodness I have a day off tomorrow. Also got my schedule for next week [unless someone plans on switching]

Monday 12/24: 1130 - 8pm
Tuesday 12/25: OFF
Wednesday 12/26: 1230 - 9pm (boo! I hate this schedule!)
Thursday 12/27: 7 - 3pm
Friday 12/28: 11 - 7pm
Saturday 12/29: 230 - 1030pm (yay! No more Holiday hours!!!)

Anyway, there's a mosquito in my room that's madly in love with me. X_x; It's desperately trying to suck out my blood! LEAVE ME ALONE! >_>;

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