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Monday, January 7, 2013

01.07.13 - So much pain!!!!

One thing after another.... :(

I'm typing this with one hand. forget capitalization! A few days ago, i did this drawing for my art group on facebook and used makeup to color it. it came out quite awesome. literally, right after i finished it... i had this strange pain in my shoulder. i didnt think anything of it. 

the next day, i felt extreme pain in my shoulder. it was bearable... 
the day after... hardly any pain.
yesterday, staring to feel pain again...
today, cant move my arm or i'll feel excruciating pain.

my dad got mad at me for crying cuz i hurt every time we moved my arm, mom put ointment on my arm so she touched all the pained areas. my aunt was here and went home and brought back some patches and oils and ointments. we had tried a 'shaolin' patch first but it didnt work. now, ive got a 'monk' one and it feels weird and kinda feels like its working a bit. its like icy hot? 

anyway, i cant really do anything so i guess ill be watching tv or something... ugh! i hate not being able to do anything

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