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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

01.09.13 - patches, ointments, oh my!

couldn't sleep all night on the night i did the previous post. i spent all night trying to get comfortable. but it didnt work, so i stayed up and read all night. all throughout the day, i napped on my desk. 

i put a new patch on my arm and shoulder.  i had to go to my local walgreens which meant i had to drive. before i went, i texted all the supervisors that worked tomorrow if anyone could switch with mre so i could find someone to drive me. unfortunately, everyone said no. i had to find a way to put on my seatbelt (it's the law in california). i straightened out a wire hanger (well... cept the hook part). 

so when i had to go to walgreens, i used the hanger and drove for practice. it worked... yay! but the prob is... actually working tomorrow. 

btw, bras are torture devices! it took me 40 very painful minutes to put it on. 

tomorrow, i'm gonna have to wake up even earlier so i could get ready. (have an opening shift) anyway... i'm super tired

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