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Sunday, January 27, 2013

01.27.13 - Indecisions and temporary setup

Last week, I received my Pocket Finsbury. I spent two hours trying to set it up the way I wanted. Because I wanted to use it right away, I didn't decorate it at all. I still haven't decorated it. Just added a sticker or two. 

Today, I was deathly bored. Finished all the things I had to do and had nothing else to do. So I was reading some Philofaxy posts. It made me really want a Personal sized Filofax instead. But the truth is, I think the Pocket is good enough for me. I just need to add a billion (not really ;) ) more tabs and dividers. I mean if Sachiko can have NINETEEN tabs/dividers in her [supremely awesome!] Pocket Malden, why can't I!?!?! ^_^ Right? Right! :P

As many people know, the quality of the Filofax paper is quite... well... to put it simply... it sucks! >_>; So, I went googling and found some on Etsy. I'll be receiving them soon (I hope! :D). I picked this Etsy store because I love bright colors. The white paper, cotton cream, or the light pastel colors aren't really my thing. I like BOLD and bright! (Well, most of the time ^_- ). I ended up purchasing the Pocket Monthly Pages, the Pocket Weekly on 2 Pages, and the Lined Double Rainbow paper. I'll probably do a review/post on them when I've received them. I can't wait to make my planner a crazy rainbow. Lol.

After I've got the paper settled, I decided I had to do something about my tabs and dividers. I don't like my things to be plain >_>; They have to be decorated or colorful or... umm... yeah. Then, I remembered I had some old planners that are the same size as the Pocket. So, I whipped them out. 
 This is what happens when you're a stationery addict. Basically, you can't bear to use the super pretty/special items. 

The one on the left I got about 4 years ago (?). It's some sort of Korean planner I got at a local stationery store that closed down. -_-; I've been looking for refills but I can't find any. I wanted to use the innards (:P) in my Finsbury but like I said, I couldn't bear to because it's just so beautiful. If I could find the refills or whatever, I'd definitely use it.

The one on the right is from a manga called Full Moon wo Sagashite. It came out in around late 2002 (?). I was a huge anime/manga fan a long time ago. Around this time though, it was starting to wane. But my love for stationery was growing. I got this planner in late 2002. This came from one of the serialized monthly manga anthologies. You had to send out for this and I believe you had to pay money. I don't really know because my friend got this for me because she knew I really wanted it. It, also, came with adorable paper, stickers, and dividers. And of course, I couldn't bear to use any of the paper. I did use it as a wallet for a year. :P

 Anyway, here's a size comparison photo. Maybe it's the position of how I had the camera, but the Finsbury  and the Full Moon wo Sagashite planners are the same size. The Korean one is slightly smaller. 

 I told myself to suck it up and use the dividers and paper and etc in the planners! Of course it'll look like a crazy jumbled mess because of how different the designs are! But it couldn't hurt to try. 

The ones with the lettering are from the Korean planner. As you can see, it's a little too wide (just a tiny bit). The pen loop gets in the way. But I said, bahh! It's okay!

 Here's what some of the dividers look like (all different designs). This is one of the Full Moon wo Sagashite dividers. The tabs have symbols instead of words. Maybe that's a good thing?

 This is one of the Korean planner's divider illustrations. It's so pretty ;__;

 Full Moon wo Sagashite paper...

 Full Moon wo Sagashite paper...

 It also came with a clear ruler. I decided to use this for my monthly section, while the regular Filofax one will be used for the weekly

 I ended up taking out all the Korean dividers. Having the tab touch the pen loop bugged me. I didn't want it to be bent. I think I didn't mind using the Full Moon one because I've had it for so long and I've outgrown it [I still think it's pretty, but I'd rather save the Korean one :P].

 Like I said, the Full Moon one came with a bunch of stickers. My friend ended up sending me double of them. I tried sticking all the stickers in but it just made my planner ginormous. So I kept the first sheet in (this one) only because the side was un-sticking itself (I ended up having to cut and peel that part off so it wouldn't stick to my monthly page). I plan on starting to use these stickers once I've received my paper. Yay! *excited*

When I first received the planner until just now, I put my TUL pen in the pen loop but it was quite difficult to take out and I had the red Pucca pen clipped into the top pocket. They're both ballpoints and honestly, I really would rather not use a ballpoint pen for my planner. I need bolder inks to show. Maybe it's just me. I may love ballpoint pens to write with but I'd like to be able to see my entries easier and the ballpoints just don't do it for me. 

So, I switched to my plain black gel pen and kept the red Pucca pen there. 

Btw, the Personal sized planner I had been looking at is the Apex. I heard that a lot of people don't like that model, but I love it. After the Finsbury, I couldn't stop looking at it. I know it's on sale right now, but... I'd really like to get this planner to work first. If I planned on getting the Apex, I'd like the one in fuchsia or the one in yellow. ^_^; I told you! Attracted to bright colors, I am! Lol. 

I've also decided that writing normally in the weekly section is not working out for me. When I write my 'to do' lists, it's usually very short and not very detailed. [I think I'm a 'to the point'-type of person] So, I'm going to test out writing it flipped...

I think this can work out better. I can write really narrow :P I'll have to do this when my new weekly pages come in too. 

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