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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

01.22.13 - Filofax and Dim Sum

You know you want it! ^_^;
Today, I went with my friend, April, to eat some Dim Sum. She's never had it before and I was craving for awhile. The last time we went, I was sick with the flu and couldn't taste ANYTHING ;__; 

We ended up going to Asian Pearl 2009 (why is there a 2009 at the end of it?) because it's closer to April.

 She liked it. She thought a lot of the food was yummy and adorable. 

Not even ALL that we got. Lol.

 She wanted to try them ALL! We were there really early so it was still a bit empty (especially since a new place opened and everyone seems to be going there, which is weird since they're the same owners ;P), more people arrived as we were leaving. 

 This is one of my favorites. It looks gross though Lol.

 Anyway! As I said in my previous post, I ordered a Filofax and was impatiently waiting for it's arrival. I was quite annoyed that there was a holiday yesterday. If there wasn't, then I would've gotten it yesterday. Lol. I was so excited about it that I even dreamed about getting it! I ordered late at night on January 17th and got a shipping confirmation the next day! Super fast! Well, I got it super fast too! O_O; cuz like I said, I received it today!

Anyway, here's how it came in. The one I ordered is a Finsbury Pocket in Antique Rose.

Who knows why I took a pic of this, but I did :P

 This is what it looks like, I think the color is a little washed out because of my LED light. But it's quite gorgeous. Though, I'm not much of a pink person... ^_^; I still like it.

 This close up shows the Filofax embossed logo and it's true color. I forgot that there was an embossed logo and nearly panicked in seeing a "defect" ^_^;;; Then, I realized what it was. Lol.

 Here's a size comparison (as much as I could get it to angle -_-; ):
Finsbury Pocket (Top)
MoMoi Diary (Middle)
Moleskine Sketchbook (Bottom)

 The Finsbury is slightly smaller than my MoMoi Diary.

 Here's a size comparison to my Moleskine sketchbook (which, btw, I'm neglecting lol)

 Here are the inserts that I purchased. [Already stuck them into the Finsbury]

 I used the extra/unwanted sheets to test out the pens I have.... 
 Wow! People were right about the Filofax's very thin. most of the pens I have you can see on the other side :/ 

 I took out the included index tabs...

 Put some colorful ones in instead. 

 The inside flap...

 The flyleaf has an annoying barcode sticker stuck on there. I took it off but it left sticky residue on it ;/

 This is the inside of the Filofax box. I'm keeping my leftover/unwanted sheets in here.

 The back (inside) of the Finsbury...

Taa daa! It's gorgeous and stupidly cute ;) 

I spent 2 hours trying to get it the way I want. All the colorful sheets I put in, I took out again. They're actually used for Purikura / Stickers, so when I added tabs, they kept falling off :/ So, I just stuck the provided tabs back in. I'll have to do a post on how I have it set up. I haven't decorated it yet or anything (okay, I lied. I added like 3 stickers :P) so right now it's just a basic planner with how I want everything organized. 

I'm hoping this'll help me work out my regular life/home life/ and my i+t store....


  1. That looks good. I also got a daily planner that I'm waiting on fillers for at Hubbs Stationery store. It helps to be organized.

    1. It really does. I hadn't used a planner in school and only started up about a year ago. I don't know why I never did! I hope you get your fillers for your planner soon :D

  2. If you rub a little white spirit onto the sticky patch on the flyleaf that should remove it. Had to do that to all mine , it' so annoying. That is such a cute little Filofax and the colour is gorgeous.

    1. Ooh, thank you for the tip! I will definitely have to do that because that sticky spot is quite annoying :( And thank you for reading ^_^

  3. I ADORE both dim sum & filofaxes so this is the greatest post, thanks! :)
    Char sui bao are my favourite & I'm pretty sure I've had your one.
    I hope you enjoy your Finsbury.

    1. Lol! My friend April, it was her first time there and that was the first thing we had. Char Sui Bao, I mean! She loved it. I'm definitely enjoying the Finsbury. Thank you for the comment and reading :)