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Thursday, May 2, 2013

05.02.13 - Windows 8, I don't like you.

When I got this laptop, I was excited because this would be my second computer EVER that I had ever purchased with my own money. The laptops that I had before this one were used and gifted to me by my brother [his work place changes computers often and sells them/gives it to people for free/cheap]. The first one I purchased by myself was a custom built one that my brother made for me. In fact, we still have it (sitting in the garage collecting dust. It was only replaced about a year ago by my Dad. I don't use that computer)

Anyway, when I got my tax return (yep, that's what I used to purchase the laptop), I saw that they had this laptop on sale. I didn't look at what OS it was or anything but checked out the memory and the ram. I don't know much about computers but it seemed pretty decent. Then again, most things are better than my DEAD laptop ^_^;

So I got home and charged it and turned it on once it was fully charged. Um... what? Windows 8!? I've never heard anyone say anything about it. The next day when people were asking about it, I was like "Oh, it's Windows 8". They all gave me a look. One said "What's wrong with you? Is it a touch-screen laptop?" O_O; I was confused. Why would it be a touch-screen? Apparently, that's what Windows 8 is good for. Tablets and touch screen computers. X__x;

So, I got used to it.... then I started to have to do things. I need certain software to do my art things with. What?! Not compatible! The thing I needed the most and it's not compatible with: DELETER's COMICWORKS

:/ Not happy. Fine! I'll try and figure it out... I don't have to finish my comic for awhile (since I'll only work on it when I have time). Then, I decided I needed to use my drawing tablet. So I downloaded the driver that's supposed to be for Windows 8. :/ Something's wrong with it. Umm... what? I even downloaded it from the actual site. It works but not very well. It makes extra marks when it doesn't need to, which means more erasing. I just kept it.

Suddenly, my scanner decides to die. ;___; Dude, this scanner is NEW! I think I got it in October 2012. :/ The light doesn't come on which makes it...NOT SCAN. :/ I need it for scanning my art to make labels for my i+t items, especially since I have some new collections I plan on releasing soon. 

I decided I'm going to TRY and draw digitally. I tried downloading Paint Tool Sai and it said it's compatible with Windows 8. :/ LIES! It kept saying there was an error and I downloaded it from the site. :/ Windows 8, I was tolerating you... but now I want to chuck my laptop out the window. :(

As of right now, I'm trying to draw in Photoshop and it's going OKAY. The extra erasing/deleting is a pain in the butt, but I can't do anything about it :( Oh well, I'll have to figure this out. I don't have the funds to buy a new scanner either. *sigh*

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