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Friday, April 26, 2013

04.26.13 - "New" camera and gift from Hawaii

What!? A new camera again!? Well, this isn't exactly new. It's new to ME. 
Every year at our store, they majorly discount their digital cameras and camcorders. It always only goes for one day because they sell out so fast! (Mostly to the associates that work there LOL)

I didn't know it was that time of year again until one of the Audit associates hijacked a Panasonic camera that I had been looking at before. She told me it was that time of year again and omg! Word spread FAST!
Luckily, I had an opening shift cuz I could check them out before everyone else ;)

I went with one of the cashiers and I was looking at a Samsung and she was looking at this Canon ELPH 320HS and.. well.. Hehehe Omg! This is a story ^_^;;;

We both wanted it. But she saw it first so I felt obligated to give it to her but she wasn't sure if she was going to get it because it didn't come with a charger. This was a display model, btw. A lot of them are brand spankin new! She also found another one and I was like... bah. But I really wanted this blue one.

I kept bugging her about it. (I'm so annoying :P) All day, in fact. I thought it would be fair to have someone that actually wants to buy it...BUY IT instead of an "I don't know...."-type person. But I wanted to be fair...

Though, I admit to having devious plans with others to somehow get her to let me buy the camera. Like "I'm your supervisor so you have to do what I tell you" <-- Lol! No, I didn't use that XD

Anyway, halfway through our day; she wasn't feeling too hot (well...all day). So she asked if she could go home early. I wasn't the Supervisor in Charge at the time so I told her I'd ask Sandy (who was). Sandy said it was okay. So I asked her "does that mean you're not going to buy the camera?" She said "Yeah, I won't." Then I asked her a billion more times to be sure and she said she'll let me have it.

>_<;; When she finally clocked out she came back to buy the other camera and then she asked for the blue one. I said "what?! You told me that I could buy it and I already purchased it!" (there were 4 other people that wanted it, lol!) She said that she thought I was kidding <__<;;; But she doesn't mind. 

One of the sales people also found the charger for me. *dances*

Photos taken with my Panasonic DMC-SZ7 

 I don't know why I took this photo but I did...

 Lens info

 It's a touch screen

 So, how much did I get it for? Since it was a display model, it was 89.99. But if you purchase it NEW it'd be around 249.99; because of the clearance, it was 31.50

First impressions: 
Macro, not that great. I love me some macro photography.
It's fast taking photos. It doesn't lag like some of the other cameras I've tried. 
A little annoying to use. The touchscreen is a pain in the butt. It took me ONE MINUTE to delete a photo
AWESOME video quality! Photo quality is great too BUT it's not great for what I want it for. 
Great for quick snapshots.
Colors aren't washed out. I noticed that Sony and the Panasonic cameras slightly wash out colors (especially Sony). When I used the flash, there wasn't that annoying shadow on the bottom. YAY!

Here are some example photos I took of the gift that my friend Emerald, sent to me from Hawaii. [THANKS EMERALD!]

 w/ Flash
 No flash; under LED light

The Macro setting...this was as close as I could get without it blurring on me :/ (no flash; under LED light)

I plan on making Youtube videos again so... I planned on using this camera for that. Anyway, my allergy medicine is really wearing off and I'm getting everything full-blown back (*dies*). 

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