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Saturday, May 18, 2013

05.18.13 - This May, I became obsessed with many things -_-;

My internet has been really crappy lately. When I say crappy, I mean DIAL-UP is better than what I have. My parents didn't notice it much, but I noticed it. I thought it was just because of how far my room is compared to where our router is located. Nope, even the desktop which is connected to the router is going stupidly slow too. 

So, I've been thinking and looking around for different internet providers. Our area doesn't allow for regular DSL or cable internet (stupid, right?) We have fiberoptics. Unfortunately for us, only one company is able to do it in our area. Another unfortunate thing's quite expensive.

Lately, I've been thinking of trying out Clearwire. Supposedly, they have it in our area. We have representatives at our store everyday so it makes me wonder if employees will get a discount and if the internet will be faster. It's a little more expensive (by $5) but it should work for us. I'll have to talk to some of our sales people about it first. See what happens or whatever...

All the things I need to do, [real estate license studying, my online store, and basic...internet thingers :P] just aren't cutting it. This is also why I haven't been blogging. 

Anyway, onto things I'm obsessing over. And yes, the Clearwire thing was one of the obsessions. I've been thinking about it for the last few months.

Filofaxes have been a new obsession lately. Maybe I'm just trying to find a the one planner! As of right now, I have these Filofaxes in my possession:
1. Pocket Finsbury (Antique Rose) - First one I got. Right now, it's just in storage because it's too small for what I need it for.
2. Personal Metropol (Lavender) - i+t logs; finance log, and journal
3. Personal Domino (Violet) - Blog ideas/notes
4. Personal Osterley (Grey: Though, this one is in the process of being sold to someone)
5. Compact Back to School (Green) - Daily Planner (for now)
6. Personal MODE (Pink/Green) - Daily Planner (if I want to switch)

How funny, I actually thought I had more. Oh actually, I will have more! >_< I'm in the process of waiting for a Personal 'the Original' in Neon Pink/Fluorescent Pink and a Personal Malden in Grey. I wanted "the Original" for awhile... as for the Malden, it was an impulse. Though this whole month has been impulse purchases galore X_____x;

I planned on using the "the Original" as my daily planner and using the "Back to School" one as my sketchbook. The 'MODE' would be used as my journal and the "Malden" will also be for my planner if I want to switch around. 

HANDBAGS! I've been wanting a new one. I almost bought one a few days ago. I was going to get the Michael Kors' Hamilton in Saffiano leather (navy colored). It was GORGEOUS!! I couldn't resist but... I did. There were a few other bags I was looking at but...the Michael Kors' was the most recent one. But I was like "oh, I have too many bags. It's okay". I wish I thought of that when I got all my Filofaxes. Lol. 

I've also been obsessing over the Gillio Firenze planners. OBSESSING!!! And I did a stupid and just purchased one. -_-; That's why I was selling the Osterley to justify the purchase of it. I'm thinking I'll sell some of my other ones too. Why? The Gillios are quite expensive. -_-; 

Oh, why isn't the Amazona in almond in my Filofax family? That's because I sold it to a friend. She really wanted it. Lol! She just received it this week and has loved it since!

I might do some Youtube videos on my planners. I'm hoping I can...cuz my internet connection is so bad ;(

Anyway, that's what's going on so far. My eyes are bothering me now because I didn't take any of my allergy pills X_x; 

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