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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

05.28.13 - Decorated pages...and Malden

I haven't blogged in awhile. >_<; I think I mentioned in my previous post that it's mostly due to the fact that my internet connection has been a piece of crap. It used to be really good but now...not so much. My dad got frustrated too and we just upgraded our service. We had the lowest one and now have the next one up (in speeds). It took a few days for it to get back to not kicking me off...

While my internet was dead, I watched a lot of DVD's. I watched Season 2 of Drop Dead Diva, Season 9 and 10 of Friends, all the SAW movies (yep, again), a few other DVD's that I have.  I really should've studied but the truth is I would have to look up some things while I was studying and I couldn't because of crappy internet connection. [Yeah, my excuse LOL!]

Okay, onto Filofax news. I've been drooling over the Gillio Firenze planners. I decided to bite the bullet and SPLURGE on one as a birthday gift to myself. My family doesn't celebrate birthdays so to make myself feel good [is that dumb?], I decided to get one. I wanted the Croco-Grey but decided to get the Croco-Aubergine. I changed my mind and emailed them to see if I could get the Grey one, but they were out of stock. Oh well. It was marked as shipped yesterday, so I have about a week to go before it gets here. 

Before I got the Gillio, I decided to get a Personal Malden in Grey. But, before I did that, I sold my Personal Osterley in Grey. As beautiful as it was, I couldn't bond with it the way I did with the Metropol and the Finsbury. I had it for about a month... Oh well. I ordered (on impulse) the Personal Malden in Grey. I think it was because people kept posting about their Maldens in the Philofaxy group on Facebook.

Honestly, I'm not very keen on the Malden but I loved the pockets on the inside and the fact that you can stuff it like mad! Well, I ordered on Amazon and was extremely happy to see that I got it a week later. 

Here it is! Isn't he handsome? Though, I do like the Malden the color isn't speaking to me. One of my favorite colors is grey. But the grey Filofaxes have disappointed me (first the Osterley and now the Malden). I love how the color looks in the above photo. That's taken with a flash (actually, all the photos in this blog post was taken with a flash) and it appears beautiful! I love that shade of grey. But in person, it's darker... and I don't like that. 

Someone in the group wants to swap for a grey Malden for their vintage pink one. I'm totally up for the challenge! I hope! Lol. 

Anyway, I've babbled enough! I'm going to show you how I've been decorating my pages. 

First, I'll show you what my page looked like when I first started decorating pages and used a Personal-sized planner.
 Taa daa! Kind of minimal....This was when I didn't know how I wanted to set up my pages.

 Directly the week after. I tried decorating it the way I did when I had my Pocket-sized Filofax. I wrote sideways but it didn't look right :( This was also the week I discovered using washi tape. I have deco tape already but I use those for my i+t stuff. 

It's been awhile since this page. I think I've discovered my perfect diary set-up. 

 This is last week's page. Honestly, I didn't do much.... Most of the time, this is how my pages look. I like drawing boxes around the dates, so it's easier to see. 

My writing doesn't allow it to be written neatly and "clean" looking. So I separate each entry by adding dashes around them [If I draw lines, it's harder to see, I believe]. The times on the sides of the pages are my work schedules. It's easier to see when I write it like that. 

 These pages are for the week that just passed. I did accomplish many things on my lists/diary. I worked a lot on my i+t store. Still have a lot more to go!

I like how all the colors fit too... 

I don't know why I never added an important list into my diary section (like I did in this photo and the next photo), it's easier to remember if I do that! X_x;
For some reason, on Saturday and Sunday... well...they always come unfilled. I don't know why. 

I want to try and do more posts and I might be able to this week since I'm on vacation (paid! Woot!). It's also going to be my birthday in a few days (okay in one day)! I'll be going to San Francisco with 3 co-workers. *dances* Okay, I'm falling asleep now. Lol

Oh, I plan on changing my dividers once I get my Gillio planner. Mostly because I'm tired of having my financial section in a different planner (in this case, it's my Metropol). 

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