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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

06.05.13 - Vacation/Birthday haul (Image Heavy)

OMG! I'm posting again! What's wrong with me?!? No, truth is I should be sleeping but I just can't. I just got home and it was a stressful day and I thought I'd blog a bit to feel better. 

Today was my first day back from vacation. I had a closing shift. It wouldn't be a problem if: #1) I wasn't the only one closing #2) I haven't had a closing shift in almost two months and forgot how to close *nods* <--so much fun! #3) We didn't have enough associates!

I thought it was quite funny that once I got to work, M.L. was like "OMG!!! Thank goodness you're here!!!!" O_O;; Apparently, me and her were the only scheduled supervisors to work that day! WHAT!? She opened and I had closing... My former manager [he finally got promoted to Assistant Store Manager!!!! YAY!!!] took over when M.L. and I were scheduled for lunches. 

Anyway, after M.L.'s exclamation, I was summoned by a customer for a "chat" which turned out to be a wonderfully long screamfest IN MY FACE!!!! -_-; Awesome. 

ANYWAY! Let's get on with happy stuff! :P MOST of the stuff I got for my birthday and my shopping trip with Bex.
I didn't include this lotion (it's at work, in my locker and I got the small travel-sized tube) and this shower gel (I'm too lazy to get it from my bathroom LOL).

Okay, on with the post!
 A teeny tiny rubber stamp that says "BIRTHDAY". I believe it's a scheduler/planner stamp. That's exactly what I planned on using it for (my planner) I got this in Japantown's Maido store. 
 Here's the bottom of the stamper..

 My friend, April, had just started getting into book binding and she had fun making a coptic-stitch binded book. So I told her I always write in my journal and always get new ones on my birhtday,. So that's what she gave me for my birthday. LOVE! She gave me handmade journals.

 Here's the bigger one. It's the size of a half sheet of paper. 
I told her I wanted blue paper and she did it! 
 She stamped the back of the inside cover. 

 Here's the smaller one. I told her I planned on using this as a photo diary. So I told her I wanted a smaller sized book.
 This one has white paper
 The inside cover on the back of the book...

I bought these at Daiso. Okay, I was going to buy them but Tammy yanked it from me and ran off to pay for them with me standing there going "WTF just happened!? O_o; " So Tammy bought these for me. ^_^; They're just memo pads that I plan on using for my planner, since I'm obsessed with my planner LOL.

The cover
Back cover
The first page on the inside is a sheet of stickers. I didn't even know it came with stickers!
The inside pages look like this...
and this...
and this...
and lastly, this :P

I don't know why I got these. I find the size of these memo pads (this one and the next one) kind of annoying but I thought maybe they'd be good for making lists. 
But they're all full of illustrations... -_-;

Another one

Here's the other memo thing I got that's the same weird size as the one above..
One of the illustrations
OMG I can write on these!
Another illustration...
YAY I can write on these!

The next few photos were gifts from Strawberrymilkmade. This notebook is so cute and pretty interesting. It's got TWO covers!!! Here's the first cover...
Here's the other cover...
What the notebook paper looks like...
This one too!

She also got me an undated planner. Oh, lady! You know me so well :D Heheh! The cover is so cool! I don't think I'll ever use it cuz it's just that awesome!

The first page on the inside...

I think this is the year at a glance...
Close-up of the year at a glance...


Weeklly (close-up)

Sorry the lighting was bad. I took all these photos at 12 am LOL. There are illustrations on most of these pages and they're all different. I didn't feel like taking photos of all the different illustrations so... yah

Another gift from Strawberrymilkmade! Another adorable memo pad! I LOVE THIS!!!!!! *dies*

Aren't they so cute!?

More from Strawberrymilkmade. These are memo sheets in a cardboard case. It's pretty cute :D

The back shows the different designs...

When we were in Japantown, I was looking at things and I wanted to get this and Strawberrymilkmade said she's buying it for me. Wait, what!? Before I knew it, she was in line to pay for it and I was like: O_o; what just happened? :P I must've been tired at that time LOL

Basically they're sticker album.... sheets? Or pages for purikura. I plan on using this in my pocket Filofax because... I'm cool like that LOL.

This is what the front of the package looks like...

What the back looks like. Also shows what different designs there are...

Close-up of the designs...

This was also a gift from Tammy that we got from Daiso. We, now, have matching lunch bags. LOL. This is the front of the bag. Super adorable bunny!
The back/tail :)

Near the end of our trip to San Francisco, we dropped by one of the malls (for food) and wandered around too. We stopped by the YesStyle store. And they were having a sale on accessories. 40% off!!!! Um YEAH! You bet I bought something. It was this bag (I'm currently using it now). With the discount and tax and everything it was $18.94

I have it on my wishlist on the website. Lol! I couldn't decide between the black or the brown. I'm not much of a brown handbag person. Tammy was trying to talk me into getting the brown one, but I told her I'd like to have a bag that goes with everything (as most of mine are like that) so I chose the black [against her wishes! lol]

Anyway, this is the front of the bag...
Back of the bag..


On Saturday, when I hung out with Bex, I didn't buy much. SURPRISINGLY! The only things I purchased were these earring sets from Claire's

These are super tiny and oh so cute :D
Such cute widdle hearts :D

Okay, that's all!!! Hope you enjoyed my birthday/vacation haul :)

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