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Monday, June 3, 2013

06.03.13 - 32nd Birthday in San Francisco! (Picture Heavy) and Saturday too :P

Today's my last day of vacation. Quite sad. Most of the time, I didn't do anything. This is how my vacation went:
Tuesday: Watched: Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into the Darkness
Wednesday: San Francisco (MY BDAY!: read on about it)
Thursday: Watched: Iron Man 3 and went to the mall and had a flat tire -_-;
Friday: Watched: Now You See Me and Star Trek: Into the Darkness
Saturday: Hung out with Bex

Yep, I watched many movies. ^_^;;;
But this post is going to be about Wednesday and Saturday
A year ago, Stefanie (co-worker) and I planned on going to San Francisco together. Things kept happening and we ended up not being able to go. This year, we both requested time off (paid!) on the same day (hers as just one day, mine was a week paid vacation).

Anyway, I thought it would be more fun if we invited more people. So, I did. I invited a few more co-workers: April and Tammy and I asked my friend Strawberrymilkmade to meet up with us when we arrived.

The week before and the days leading up to Wednesday, I kept asking them "Where do you want to go?" They kept saying they didn't know *dies*

I had an anxiety "attack" when I had to finally tell the evil ones that I was going to SF. I told them the day before. Actually, I just told Mom since Dad wasn't home yet. When he came home, they were strangely, happy about it. O_O;; In fact, they gave me some money, gave me their Fastrak, the SF house keys, and suggested places to go! O_O;;; I was like WTF is going on!?!??!?!?!

We all agreed to meet up at my work place at 8am. Stefanie was picking me up at my house at 745am. She had never been there before but I gave her directions ;P

While driving, we were trying to figure out where to go. We said we'd go to Japantown first because that's where we were meeting up with Strawberrymilkmade and we said we'd go from there.

 After an hour and a half of driving, we arrived to Japantown where we promptly went to the bathroom LOL. Stefanie and April waiting on the others...

 I found out that Tammy loves taking pictures after this photo. Here April and Tammy are posing with the garbage can outside of the bathroom we just used. 

After we went to the bathroom, we shopped around Ichibankan and Daiso.

We also found out that Tammy has a big black-hole stomach. She was complaining non-stop about being hungry. So the first place we went to was Sophie's Crepes. Tammy and I were the only ones that ordered crepes. Here she is taking a GIANT bite...

Tee hee...

 April was deciding if she wanted one but Tammy said she'll share hers. April stole a banana slice from Tammy's crepe :P Stefanie didn't bother trying the delicious crepes...

 We were waiting on my friend at this point and deciding what to do. After this photo was taken, Strawberrymilkmade told me she was running late, so we decided to head off to get some real food.

 We ended up going to Kushi Nuru the place I always end up going to! Though this time, I suggested we go here but didn't think they would LOL. Here's my cloudy miso soup...

Tammy and Stefanie waiting for our food...

April super happy that we got some of our food. 

 April ordered a bento...

 Stefanie ordered Teriyakidon

 Tammy ordered ramen

 Slurp slurp...nom nom..,

 Hey! Where's MINE!?!? ;___;

 Mine came out last, as usual. Somehow that ALWAYS happens. I ordered a Vegetable Curry Croquette over rice. Mm... Delicious!

We were finished eating when Strawberrymilkmade arrived so we headed off to take purikura!
 Hehehe. So much fun! I would've done more but I think some of them were getting tired of it... This is one of the main things I wanted to do on my birthday...

They got 3 new machines and it's weird how you work the machines now. Instead of shoving bills into the machines, you have to pay the attendant and wave at him to let you know you're ready. Some of the machines we tried were super fast -_-; Oh well! It was still fun :)

 We took turns decorating them.
 This was the first one we took and our fave!

 Here's a larger version of it :D

After purikura, we wandered into MAIDO and Strawberrymilkmade declared that she was hungry! Tammy said that she was hungry too! Umm... what? She just finished eating 30 minutes before! LOL! So we headed off for some quick eats.

 Tammy with her Oyakodon

 She really loves taking pix...

 Here's her fewds

 Stefanie ordered a hot dog and some fries because she's not used to Asian food and didn't finish her Teriyakidon. 

 Strawberrymilkmade went and got some soup and bread from Anderson's Bakery. April and I tried some taiyaki where Tammy and Stef ordered from.

 Oh these pix are out of order. Here's Tammy posing with the new lunch bag/tote bag she got at Daiso.

 April nomming on her taiyaki

 More out of order photos >_<; Me and Tammy posing stupidly with our matching (I'm showing the back of it) lunch bags/tote bags from Daiso.

 Here's Tammy being stupid ;P

 Stefanie got a cupcake.

 Stealthy photo taken of April at the Japanese souvenir shop....

 Here we're waiting on Tammy getting her crepe (told you these photos are out of order -_-; )

 April and Tammy deciding if they want a crepe...

Hopefully, there won't be any more photos that are out of order! :P

We parted ways with Strawberrymilkmade and decided to head to the beach. We were going to go to Baker Beach but I guided us the wrong way. April whipped out her iPhone 5 and directed us to a beach...which turned out to be Ocean Beach. Lol. 
 Shielding ourselves from the CRAZY wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To get down to the beach, you had to walk down some stairs and climb up a sand dune. Everyone made it but me and Stef. Stef fell once and after she fell I did too. I fell twice, actually. After the second time I fell, I was like SCREW IT! I'm CRAWLING UP! And that's what I did and everyone laughed at me :D Hey! I don't care LOL

 It was super duper windy!!!! I got cut by sand!!!

 April :P

 Tammy making a funny face :P

 Stef :P

 Nice view of the cliffs...

 Tammy's scarf kept flying away so she turned it into a turban and tied it around her head... :P I totally ninja'd this pic ;)

 Tammy wanted a pic of me and her together so... here we be. I think it's funny because she forgot she had the scarf around her head :P My hair hit her in the face too LOL


After the beach, we headed to Golden Gate Park and just wandered around taking a lot of photos. Okay, TAMMY took a lot of photos :P


 Tammy's so funny :P

 I told Tammy to pretend that she was a star and having a concert... Umm yeah...


 Nice face :P I told them to make funny faces and April was just laughing :P

 She loves her some trees...

 I was telling them that Golden Gate Park was really haunted and took this photo of them in a tunnel and it was all glowy and misty (a glare from the shiny walls?) and  I showed it to them and I said there are GHOSTS and freaked them out LOL

 Tammy and Stef wanted to go on the swings! Tammy's trying to catch up to Stef :P

 Stef got tired from swinging lol

 Tammy's made a new best friend...

Anyway, after Golden Gate Park I decided that I was hungry and we went to a nearby mall and wandered around a bit and had some food. Then we headed home. I was so sad. ;___; I wanted to stay!!!! I'll post the stuff I got (purchased and got as gifts) in another post).

Saturday! Bex and I planned on hanging out this week but things kept falling through. Finally, we were able to meet up on Saturday! Yay! The first place we went to, because she wanted to go,...was to get some Dim Sum.

We headed off to Asian Pearl 2009 and when we got there... it was closed, but opened. Lol. Did I confuse you? There was a private party, so it was opened for them and not to the public. So sad.

So, I directed her towards New Canton where we ended up.

 Once we sat down and ordered our tea/waters, Bex promptly grabbed 5 dishes!!! (This was before we got the other 2) and WOLFED THEM DOWN!!! She said she was starving! :P


 Near the end of our meal...

 Bex ate most of it. I couldn't get anything because she grabbed them all up before I could LOL.

After Dim Sum, I gave her my Personal Domino (Filofax) in Violet. We also decided to head off to Vacaville, to the Vacaville Premium Outlets. We got caught up in each others' lives in the car. We hadn't hung out/talked to each other in a year..,maybe more. We wandered around and bought some things [shall post in my next post]

After wandering around, we decided that we were hungry/thirsty and dropped by Fenton's Creamery.
We were still full but she didn't want to leave without going there. So we ordered one sandwich and fries and split them. She was debating on some ice cream but... decided not to. Lol. 

After Fenton's we drove a butt-numbing way to Roseville's Galleria Mall. And wandered around there until it was time to go home. It was funny because the whole day, I didn't spend much money but Bex did. She spent a little over $300! I spent about $30. 

Well, it was fun. I'm sad that my vacation is over. Truthfully though, it's supposed to STILL be going on but they gave me ONE day off this week :/ (minus the vacation day) which is strange. Oh well! We need the money, right? :)

Next post, I promise I'll post what I purchased from my birthday and on Saturday and my birthday gifts. ^_^;

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