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Friday, June 7, 2013

06.07.13 - Filofax wishlist

I was thinking about wanting to blog more often but I didn't know what to blog about. I thought I'd post my Filofax wishlist.

Wishing that Filofax USA would come out with the new range as quickly as it does for other countries. In fact, I wish all the different Filofax websites would have the same colors/models just in different languages (obviously) so you don't have to go through the hassle of shipping rates, currency conversions and etc.

The #1 thing on my wishlist is an A5 The Original in Fluorescent Pink! (the above photo doesn't show the pink it's true color!)

However, this photo does! In my previous post, ... before I purchased the Malden and my Gillio; I said that I ordered one (well, I ordered the personal sized one... but now I want an A5) from Pens and Leather I ordered in early May. On their site it said it was going to be a pre-order and it would arrive at the end of May. I know it's not their fault, but their shipment got delayed until.... the end of June!!!! So when I purchased my Gillio I cancelled it and got my money back and used some of the money on the Gillio. But you know what? I regret it!

I know I've said in a previous post that I'm not a pink fan but this pink is just .... BAM! IN YOUR FACE! I love it! Plus, it'll match my pink and black theme for my store....

My mind keeps wandering to it. I changed my mind on the size (want the A5 now) because I want to use it for my online store. Currently, I'm using the Personal Metropol in Lavender for it (among other things; but I plan on moving some things to my Gillio). Unfortunately, it's a little too small :( Which is why I wanted an A5. 

Other colors I wanted for the Original was the yellow one (look above) and the green one. Honestly, I wanted the A5 to be the pink and if I ever got a personal sized one, I'd want it to be either the yellow or the green. I wasn't really into the yellow one until someone posted their yellow ;__; and it was gorgeous!!!

Another one I want that's not on the Filofax USA site is The Blossom. I wouldn't mind having it in either Pocket or Personal size. It's just so darned cute! I don't even mind the fact that it doesn't have pockets on the inside. I would use this as a journal or something... This isn't a high priority on my wishlist. If I miss it, then I'll miss it.

The insides... so cute :D

And another one would be the Doodle mainly because I'd love to design the cover of my Filofax. It's pretty cheap but... just like the Blossom it's not high on my wishlist. 

I can't stop thinking about the Original and I'm really anxious to get it -_-; I don't even know why! Especially since I have the Gillio and the other Filofaxes. [I think I meant that I don't know why I'd want a personal sized the Original because I would definitely use the A5 one for my online store. Sorry for the confusion :P] Ahhhhh!!! People need to stop tempting me with it!! Lol

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