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Sunday, June 9, 2013

06.09.13 - RIP Former Filofax Dividers...

As the title says, I'm retiring my Filofax dividers that were currently in my Filofax. Why? I decided that I'd like to be able to use one planner. Sure, I have a few other Filofaxes but I'll be using them for other things.

The new planner I'm using is the Gillio and as it's said above, I'd like to have most of my stuff in this one. If I spent that much money on it, heck yeah! Lol! Because of that, I had to make new dividers. (Will do a future post on this). But this post is about me retiring my former dividers!

When I first made these dividers, this was a week after I got my first Personal sized Filofax. All I did was use the included Filofax dividers and my label maker and that was it.  
As you can see, it's not just the divider and the label. About two months ago (?), I received my stationery order and apparently the notepads I bought (a LOT!) were of the same designs. So I decided to use them for my dividers. All I did was cut them to size and glued them on. Some, I added washi tape. But most of the time they were just glued on. 

It's also because I knew they would be my temporary ones. 

Anyway, here's the first divider... 

 The one on the right, I used washi tape for the background.

 So cute! 

 More washi taped backgrounds

 Washi tape bg!

 I used scrapbook paper and washi tape...

The character/brand (whatever) is a Taiwanese brand and is called "Sweet Miki's Friends" [something like that. My brain isn't functioning now...cuz it's 2:20am LOL]

Now, the dividers I have are also temporary. I plan on making permanent dividers and using my art for them. 
I made 13 dividers (made out of Filofaxes A-Z dividers)

Whew! I'm getting really tired since I can't seem to function right now. 

Look forward to more posts :)