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Saturday, October 8, 2011


This time, I'm going to be posting my anime stationery and the stationery I'm using NOW. First, I'll post the latter ^_^

Right now, I'm using these letter sets and stickers. I still have a few people to write to (like 4?) and thought it would be better to switch off my stationery than use the same one. 

 Gawds, I've had this stationery FOREVER! I need to hurry up and use it. It doesn't help that I had two packs and I finished off one pack already. This one is halfway down.

I just started using this one... 

 Stickers to put on random things...

Stickers that came from packs of stationery that I'm using...

Alright, onto the next umm... category! ANIME stationery! I was sooooo into anime so I did everything I could to get my hands on anime stationery. This was before I found the obscenely kawaii stationery ;P~ Some were given to me from friends and some were swapped... I'm including stickers in here too :P

 The St. Tail sticker was given to me by a penpal a LOOONG time ago!

 Marmalade Boy was the very first EXTREMELY shoujo (non-magical girl) anime I had ever seen. I loved it even if I found the main character so very annoying. My friend sent these to me from Japan

 There were 5 different designs. I accidentally took one picture with my regular sticker sheets, so I'll include that one in the sticker sheet post.

 Digi Charat stickers. I bought these at Anime Expo. Digi Charat was a HUGE hit back then! My fave character was Dejiko :P


Detective Conan had been my favorite anime of all time. One of our employees (when we owned a restaurant)' daughter sent these from China for me :)

 You're Under Arrest notebook and 2 packs of Digi Charat stationery featuring Dejiko (see? I told you she was my fave)

 X stationery and a Cowboy Bebop pad of paper. I believe Strawberry Milk sent to me wayy long ago!

 I also used to collect BISEN. You know how there's the doujinshi conventions in Japan? (The most well known one is COMIKET) They don't just sell doujinshi, they sell BISEN too which are fanmade stationery. I only started collecting them when my penpal in Japan was telling me about the doujinshi circles and "events" ("events" = conventions big and small). She participated in a lot of them. She even helped me make my own, which was done in like 2002 or something. 

Anyway, I started collecting them because of her and MOST of them were sent by her and some were made by her. It's super difficult to photograph these as each piece of paper is a different design. Do you know how difficult that's going to be?

This is the amount of BISEN I have. I don't know if you can tell but this is 2 inches of sheets of paper! (minus some of the plastic wrap) -_-;;;; Maybe one day I WILL post them up...but I really don't think I will. 


  1. Pandaaaa stickers!!! xD I love the one with him munching on the shrimp tempura! & the pancake flip! AHH! CUTE!!

    I loved that X & Cowboy Bebop stationery!! xD I totally don't recall sharing. :3 Thank you for remembering me!!!

    BIIIIIIIIIIISEN!!!! AsdhjsdkfjasdkalsdjSASDIOALKSJDFq!!! I always wanted to make my own stationery!! (My own art.) Ah. Some day! (I'm working on it. :) Your stash looks amaaaazing!

  2. What the heck? Why didn't I see THIS comment? Anyway! Hahhaha! I think the panda with the tempura, I got at umm..IchibanKan for $1 ^_^ it's sooo cute :D~

    The X and Cowboy Bebop, you sent me I think the 4th time we wrote each other because I was like 'OMGS I MUST HAVE THAT STATIO!' so it's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG while ;D

    Oh BISEN was such a pain to make. Measurements, finding the perfect printers, picking the paper, picking the INK X_x; That was HORRIFIC! lol! I love BISEN but since I'm not so into anime/manga any more... can't collect any more lol.

    Though I kind of want to see some Vampire Knight and Nana/Paradise Kiss ones. Those would be freakin awesome! :D~

  3. You can totally make your own stationery. Print it on a laser printer and sell on etsy :D~ Lots of people do it. Check it out. Ooh... I kinda wanna do that too O_O;;; LOL! LOOK WHAT YOU DID!!! jk

  4. I WILL DO IT!!! xD I just got a laser printer! ... need paper, though. D'oh!

    VK & ParaKiss & Nana bisen would be AMAAAAZING! How could we get ahold of some?!! I'd be in heaven!

  5. WE SHOULD MAKE OUR OWN VK, ParaKiss, and Nana BISEN! Just...not print them awesomely like the Japanese do :D and just print on... regular paper/printer :D I have a photo printer and a laser printer (dad's). My photo printer only prints AMAZINGLY on photo paper <--ONLY ;__;

    Can't really use the laser printer much (dad's a jerk plus that printer is a pain in the butt)