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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Deco tape is a recent love. Recent, meaning, about two years ago. All of the deco tape you see here were purchased about two years ago. I'm using them for packaging up items for my shop ^__^; So it's not just for decoration *cough* excuses... lol

This will be a very short entry as I don't have "a lot" and if I did, I can stack them up and take a picture so I don't need to take a billion photos...

 I don't know if this counts as deco tape. It's just regular cellophane tape in an adorable-as-hell dispenser. These dispensers are MINIATURE!

 My deco tape. I actually had more but I must've used it all up. I used to have a set of mini green designs [on the left, you see a set of pink designs), that's why I think I must've used them all up. I don't know if you can tell, but my fave deco tape themes are: SKULLS, cutesy food, and fancy designs ^_^; 

Some more MINIATURE deco tape in dispensers.

I'm falling asleep. I've already taken pictures of all my stationery, so I will post tomorrow my letter sets and stationery sheets.


  1. Umm you might want to wipe my drool off the last photo.

  2. Lol!!! Silly! I love those too but they're TEEENY TINY ;__; I don't think you can tape much. Then again, you could be like me and just keep it for it's cuteness ;)

  3. Oh, I would tape up a STORM!!! Where for art thou buy? So... cute!

  4. I THINK I bought the tiny tape here -->

    I just checked and there's no more ;__; I sorry. Though I do see some deco tape I want. *cough* oh this addiction is bad LOL