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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10.17.11 - What's in my bag?

 What the heck is in here? Lol!
I don't know what brand this is... @_@; I believe I purchased this at Nordstrom's

 I've been using this thing for awhile. Unfortunately, my jeans have stained it ;__; As you can see here. This is the back and a pouch is located here.

Inside the pouch. Top-Bottom; L-R: iPod Classic with a portable speaker [can't use my radio/stereo in my car], COACH keyfob thingy [holding my PO box key and some discount/club cards that I don't use as frequently], pink Saving is getting cardholder [discount/store credit cards], Sephora mini lipglosses, Maybelline's Baby Lips in peppermint, Mentos mixed fruit, and Kopiko candy from a co-worker.

I have lots of lip stuff because of my recent allergic reaction that caused my lips to swell and be extremely dry, cracked, blistered, and just overall gross. I did have another lip balm in there (not in this post at all) but I must have taken it out before I posted these pics.

Inside my bag. So much junk! Lol! 

Inside the small pouches that are located inside the bag. L-R: EOS lip balm in Strawberry Sorbet, Cortizone-10 Easy Relief, mints, and Eucerin Calming Creme.

The Cortizone-10 thingy is there because I've been getting a ton of mosquito bites lately. This stuff really relieves the itch! It's a roll-on and quite awesome :D

 My wallet and a Domo-kun memo (are these memos when they're kind of big?) sheet pad. <--writing a letter to a former classmate. There's a red smudge on it because a red pen exploded in my bag. It got all over my work badge and the memo pad. Luckily, not on anything else :P

 Moo card holder and two packs of gum. Umm... I don't know why these are in here (the gum). I must've taken them out of my pocket...

My moo cards... I love them :)

 The white thing on the left is the moo card holder... This is my "pharmacy".

 Here's what's inside. I usually have a different variety of pills but I must've used them up :P Bandages, Extra Strength Tylenol, Sinus pain medicine (CVS brand), Extra Strength Excedrin, and a few things of Motrin.

 The envelope on top...I just received yesterday. It's SquareUp. It's a credit card reader for your phone. I'll be using it for my business :) and for local anime conventions when/if I get an art table. It's free, so... YAY! 

Makeup bag, which WAS my "emergency" kit. I usually use a smaller one but I had some umm...female monthly issues and put some feminine products in there :P Since this pouch is pretty big. But since it's over and done with,..I was too lazy to switch lol!

What's in my makeup bag. Eyeshadow primer, lip gloss (tastes gross but it came with the bag as did the primer), face powder [I have such bad luck with face powders that I bring to work. They're always breaking. Guess what? This one did too. It doesn't show it, but The clear plastic piece is actually broken -_-;]. sample perfume of True Religion's Hippie Chic, glasses wipe, and Eco Tools' kabuki brush.

Taa daaa!!! What's in YOUR bag? :D


  1. You have cool stuff! I uh... have pencils, pens, a phone in my purse (AKA pencil pouch that I use as a purse). Plus all my cards in a KissMint package. I really need a wallet. & a purse. hahaha

    <---Wants to shop at Black Peace Now for those things. Or make them.

  2. I love taking a TON of junk with me :D I've always loved those adorable pencil pouches you see in Japantown that are a billion dollars (not really, but you know LOL).

    You keep your cards in a KissMint package?! How awesome is that!? :D

    OMFG I really want to go to Black Peace Now!!!! I wanted to go when they were in that new building at J-town, but they moved downtown (somewhere). I hear they're super expensive too ;__; But I really want to go! WE SHOULD GO THERE WHEN WE MEET UP :D~

    When I get excited I use too many capslocks and !!! lol

  3. One of my obsessions is bags -_-; I always want a new one and it'll bug me for the longest time... and i want a smaller wallet. This one is too big -_-; it's what's making my bag too small, cuz the wallet's taking up all the room LOL

  4. lol It's awesome? I thought it was ghetto! I should laminate the Kissmint pouch or something...

    It's also a good, discrete way to hide emergency napkins for lady's week!

    BPN TRIP YES. When I get my first paycheck!!! (Which will be... if my store is ever successful. lol Or once I reach 180. Or both.)

  5. You should laminate the Kissmint pouch! I didn't even know Kissmint had pouches XD I've only seen the small packets of gum. Or was that what you were talking about?

    YAY BPN TRIP!!!!!!!!!! Your store WILL be successful! Don't forget to tell me the link! You should also post kawaii deco thingies there. I've seen a lot of people do those. All your crafty work :D