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Saturday, October 29, 2011

10.30.11 - PTO

I don't know why I requested today off. O_o;;; Luckily, it was a paid day. I didn't tell the parents either...otherwise, I would've had to be subjected to their assholely-ness ;D So I pretended to go to work... I wore my work pants and wore a t-shirt, and a zip up hoodie. So she wouldn't notice I wasn't wearing a boring white shirt @__@;

I had no idea what I was going to do. I knew for sure that I was going to go to the post office and mail off some orders I had received recently. 

I went to the post office near the mall since I decided I'd go there to kill some time. There was a Barnes & Noble over there that's bigger than the one near my house. 

I'll spare you the MORTIFYING THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME!!! *turns bright red* OMG X_x;!!! Let's just say this involved my breakfast. I had cereal with some lactose-free milk. All I can say is... I don't think it's lactose-free! In fact, once I came home... I went straight to the fridge and checked it out. Lo and Behold... "LACTOSE FREE" <--my asss!!!!

Well, I think you can pretty well guess what happened. Actually, I'm not even going to mention it ;D You can guess all you want XD~~

Anyway! Before THE INCIDENT happened, I went to Nordstrom Rack just to walk around. Nordstrom Rack is located in this shopping center with ULTA. Where I had planned on going because I had a 20% off coupon. Yay for coupons! At Nordstrom Rack, I ended up with a set of bangles and some earrings. Spent like $12. Yay! I should take a pic tomorrow. I don't feel like it now ;)

I had wanted to go to Nordstrom Rack to see if I could use my rewards coupon-thingy. It was a $20 coupon. But I couldn't use it at Nordstrom Rack. Only at the actual Nordstrom

Then, I went off to ULTA. Didn't really buy anything...though I did get some CUPCAKE WET WIPES for $1.67! mwahahahaha! Hey! It's called the impulse bins for a reason ;)

THEN THE INCIDENT HAPPENED! X_x; It happened while I was driving back towards the mall. ;__; *sigh* You might as well know what happened to me! @__@; 
I won't go into details... :P

Basically... I had an SMALL accident. But it was enough to make me feel soooooo grossed out that I had to run off to buy new pants, undies, stuff to wipe me down, and some perfume/body spray! LOL! X_x; I raced back to Barnes & Nobles' bathroom (it's not so crowded in their bathrooms PLUS the mall's bathroom were a ways... and I just wanted to change ASAP) and cleaned up and changed, threw the dirty stuff in the bag and threw it in the garbage XD

I felt sooo much better, but still dirty X_x;

I tried going through Barnes & Noble but my mind was still grossed out from the incident. Anyway! I did buy a manga. I shall post tomorrow Mwahahha!

After Barnes & Noble, I headed off to...well...wherever! I went through Macy's and looked, it was the way INTO the mall XD Then, I wandered off to the TINY ASS Sanrio store and couldn't find anything I wanted. No, that's a lie. I saw a Little Twin Stars tape dispenser for $10 and I was debating if I should get it or not. I decided not to. ;__; It was soo cute though ;___; I had a HARD time deciding lol

Headed off to Sephora and sniffed their perfumes. I really liked one of them Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gioia. OMFG I love the scent! Apparently a lot of people too because it was sold out! ;__; I was sad. They had the gift set and I was like Oh heck no! I'm not gonna spend THAT much money on THAT! 

I sniffed other ones but the Giorgio Armani one really stuck to me. I left Sephora all sad-like ;__; Aww... then I walked into Nordstrom's PRAYING that it would be there and if it was...I COULD USE MY $20!! WOOOT! lol! And guess what? IT WAS!!! MWAHAHAHAHA! My loooove! ;D

What does it smell like? Fresh, clean.... sweet. When you first spray it on, it smells very fresh and clean (not like laundry detergent  or soap ;P), but once it's on your skin a little longer...there's a slight warm scent. According to Sephora, it's a brown sugar scent. I personally thought it was vanilla ;P Which is funny; because it starts off cool and ends warm. I seriously, love this scent! ♥ 

Anyway! Unfortunately, it's an EXPENSIVE perfume ;__; and the one I picked up turned out to be a limited edition HAIR MIST! @__@; Maybe I should learn to read the box LOL! The lady was like "did you want the hair mist!?" I smart! She helped me grab the right one though :) 

Luckily, I had my $20 off! It was still expensive but it was $20 cheaper ;) LOL! MWAHAHAHA! 

By then I was seriously starving my ass off! @__@; So I rode the escalator upstairs and chowed down on some mall-thai food. The rice was good, the pad thai VERY bland and the mixed vegetables too. I've been there before and I think they were distracted when cooking or something cuz tasted good. today's was...MEH! X_x; Oh who cares, I scarfed it all down LOL. I was sooo hungry -_-; While I ate, I also read my newly acquired manga ;D

By then it was 5pm. I was like,...I want to see a movie. So I drove ALLL the 10 minutes back to "my neighborhood" (not really) and checked to see what was playing. 

I ended up watching IN TIME. I wanted to see it anyway. When I paid for my ticket, the girl thought I said two. How does ONE sound like TWO!? -_-; She got all huffy when I said "I said ONE" and directed me inside to get my refund. I hoped it didn't take long since the movie was supposed to be starting already.

Luckily, it was previews XD

I must say...the premise is awesome. The actual movie...sucked -_-; I hate Justin Timberlake anyway XD and seeing him act in that movie was just plain weird. x__X;;

Then, it was time to go home. Taa daa! Here I be ;D


  1. Daaaang $20 off. NICE!

    Where is the Lani Devil on your shoulder saying, "Go back for the tape dispenser! BACK!!!"?!

  2. The Lani-Devil was looking through the store for some awesome finds, but didn't find any. That store seriously sucks ;( But it's my only ACTUAL store that sells cutesy crap. Everything else is online or in SF ;P

  3. PS That accident sounds expensive! :( & embarrassing. Sucks. Good thing no one saw. I used to be lactose intolerant, but that went away after... idk... 10 years. I heard that allergies come & go in waves of 7 years. Hopefully yours goes away!