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Monday, October 31, 2011

10.30.11 - Indie comics and zines

I spent most of my day working on my Halloween drawing. I woke up earlier than usual because I wanted to go to the Farmer's Market. I went with mom and my aunt. Somehow, they didn't want to go home and they kept trying to make me not go home :(

Once I finally DID get home...I colored like a mad woman! So much that I spilled my markers X__x; *sigh* Well, the case is kind of broken anyway. I have to tape up the bottom so they don't fall.

After I finished coloring (2 hours!), I spent the next hour editting it, another hour saving it, and another hour uploading it. @__@; At last, it's up!

Anyway... Just now I don't know what or how I got it in my head that I wanted to look at zines or indie comics on etsy and store envy. But I started looking. Now I'm itching to make my own. I really want to read some too! Ahhh! I love those things :P 

It makes me think about how much I used to make my own print comics ;__; and zines and etc. Those were so much fun! Maybe I should again...? I dunno. I think I've got too many projects on my hands right now. PLUS, some idiot's trying to commission me for a drawing. I've told him a MILLION times "NO! I don't want to do it!" But he's not taking the hint. I want to bash it into his skull XD But then again, I still don't think he'd take the hint ;)

If I were to make a zine, I'd do it by hand. No typing or whatever. I love how zines look in peoples' writing and etc. The only TYPE (as in...fonts and stuff) I like in zines are typewriter fonts because know what? I have no idea why ;P 

I'm thinking I should whip out my Destination:Fabrication comics and see if anyone will buy them on etsy or store envy.

I seriously loved Destination:Fabrication until we quit and other reasons. :( I did try to start it up again (by myself), but... it's just not happening. 

The best part of it was...we finished it in a week! Yah, A WEEK! Colored pages and everything! I believe it was 22 pages!

Maybe when I'm not feeling lazy and am taking a hiatus from all my other projects (THANKFULLY HALLOWEEN DRAWING IS DONE!!!), I will do something about it? XD I dunno

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