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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11.02.11 - It's quite chilly

I haven't typed a blog entry on my phone in awhile.

Its cold today and they decide to turn up the AC making me colder. Wahh!

After work, I have to rush off to the dinky little post office that takes forever and ship off someone's order. I wish there was a post office near my house. Shipping internationally is beginning to be quite difficult.

Tonight, im going to start working on my holiday colors. I don't particularly know how many I should do. I also need to order some blank labels...but that'll have to be next week because the house payment will wipe me out for awhile... :(

I need to find some containers to put them in also. Or... I should just jar them up and be like 'thats it! No more!' I usually make a big batch and then put it in a sealed container until someone orders, then I fill up jars of whatever they want.

I wonder if I should draw a holiday drawing too. If I do, I should do it now...(in day work on packaging/labels and work on eyeshadows at night)

Plus I definitely need to close up shop on the days that I have to work more hours (black friday and weekend/ week of christmas) cuz those days are going to kill me!

I need to figure out TAT also... ahhh... I don't know
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