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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

11.02.11 - I lied

I said I was going to work on my new colors and such. I lied. When I got home, I passed out (nap). The next thing I knew I was chatting online with a co-worker. I was hyper so I was just rambling about nonsense like I'm  known for.

I jinxed myself today. 

It was deathly slow in the morning. I've never worked opening shifts on Wednesdays. If they did schedule me on Wednesday, it was always a mid-shift or a closing one. Anyway, it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOo dead!!!! So dead that we decided to start up on the Christmas decorations! X_x; I was whining about how slow it was (Yay for whining!). 


When I came back from lunch (after the previous post :P), it was soo hectic. It was sooo busy. I had to do interviews for future associates. I had to answer all the phones, I had to send off all the applications to our home office and FIND them too because three of the managers ran off with them. X_x; By the time it was time for me to leave...I literally just ran off. Mostly because I needed to get to the post office. It's like 4 blocks away, but they're ALWAYS super busy and they closed soon. 

The nearest post office (this one) isn't really a post office. It's a tiny station that consists of two registers/computers. That's it! And it's the only one for miles and miles! If I have to ship international, I have to go to that evil place. This time, I asked them for extra custom forms (had no idea where they had them) so I could fill out everything at home; and some Delivery Confirmation notices.

If I ship domestic,... I can ship them from Bel-Air (yeah, the supermarket) because they have a small TINY TINY mail station. [ONLY domestic mail though ;( ] LUCKILY, it's near my house! 

I've learned the hard way to NOT ship anything USPS via the UPS store (where my PO box is). They overcharge you by $6! <--no kidding! 

That's all I did. Lol! Now, I should go to bed, since I have another early shift. *sigh*

Oh yeah! I received my order from Fortune Cookie Soap, on October 30! I ordered three things. It took em awhile to get here O_o; But it's definitely worth it. I shall post about em tomorrow (if I don't pass out again) <--I know I didn't post the stuff I got on my PTO but they were quite boring... so I didn't. ^_^;;

Okay I really should go now! ;D BYEEEEEEeee


  1. D:

    That post office situation sounds like a nightmare!

    I feel so lucky to have 1 within walking distance & another one on a major street sort of nearby.

    Not that fond of the one close by, though, b/c the drop off bin is OUTSIDE ONLY. Wth? Unless I walk up to the counter! & I hate doing that because a worker there criticizes everything I mail out, down to the TAPE WIDTH on my packages. "I'm not supposed to accept this because the width of the tape is too thin. (1.5") & you have to cover every fold. Just so you know you're taking a chance! If you pay priority, then we can add some tape to it here." >:( Just put the friggin postage stamp on, lady, & let me leave!

  2. NICE!

    Those soaps look so rad!

    I wonder if the Not So Little Mermaid smells as good as it looks. Somehow I doubt it. I like the name, though.

    Rain Showers, Adios...My Dear, & Blue Cotton Candy look so nice!

    Guess I like blue a lot right now. :3