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Sunday, November 6, 2011

11.06.11 - I'm full of caffeine and I can't sleep!

It's right now, 3:36 AM. YAY! I'm full of caffeine (my own fault) <--had a coffee at around 7pm ;) It's a blended coffee drink from our cafe and I get it when I'm feeling down and out of it. And that's how I felt all day at work. 

It was incredibly busy today, but we actually had enough people to cover the line. EXCEPT, they didn't want to help out. We haven't hired cashiers in a long time, so we now have backup cashiers from all the other departments. ONE department doesn't ever send them. NEVER EVER! We've complained and complained, but no one seems to give a crap. 

It's really irritating when the store manager is yelling at you to get the line down but no one wants to help. 

The weather took on a DRASTIC turn. It had still been a little warm but suddenly, a few days ago, it's been getting quite chilly. It's even rained. 
 Today's weather. Taken at around 10am. 
 Also taken around that time... this may like all sunny and nice. Don't let it fool you because it was storming a few hours later!

I've finally taken a picture of my order from Fortune Cookie Soap. I've just been lazy and not posted them. 

 Heres the packaging of the products. I got a lip balm and two whipped body butters. L-R: Cupcake and In the Loop

In the Loop, btw, smells EXACTLY like Fruit Loops!♥ The cupcake one is good too! It's not overwhelming like some other places' cupcake scents are. This one didn't give me a headache.

Here's the texture of the Cupcake one. Actually, they're both like this but In the Loop is green ;P I must say that I seriously love this stuff. I think these are better than the Body Shop's body butters.

Now onto the boring stuff that involves the family. 

The parents have returned to SF today, they're staying overnight and will probably come home tomorrow afternoon because I'm 10 years old and they can't leave me by myself <--totally sarcastic. I'm seriously hoping they come back late or they won't come back at all. 

Because of the parents leaving (they left early), I wanted to stay home from work. I didn't. I was really really debating about it too. But, I didn't. *sigh*

I was completely out of it, when I was at work. Nothing made sense, I counted things wrong, I couldn't think straight, I couldn't answer easy questions, etc. I wonder why. But I think everyone has those days. 

While at work, I decided once I get home, I'm going to re-do my Holiday Collection [well, the gold one] because it didn't come out the way I wanted it. After I did that, I made a new shade...and here I am. I'm done for the night/day. 

Tomorrow, (well...I mean in a few hours :P) I plan on making a few more... I want to finish this collection soon! Since I plan on shutting down the shops for a week and then another week because it'll be during the horrible Holiday season at work where I work crazy hours and come home to sleep for like 2 hours. -_-; Because we'll get absurdly long hours (though our checks will be awesome :P). And since I'm a supervisor, our hours don't get cut and we HAVE to be there alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll freakin day! X_x; 

You know, I really like blogging. I just don't do it much cuz I'm lazy. Plus, I feel that when I blog and there are no pix, it's quite boring XD That's just me. 

OMG! My body has FINALLY decided that I'm tired. *snorts* I planned on waking up at 8 am... Lol! I'll sleep for 4 hours! Yay!

At this moment, I'm charging my DSLR battery. Oh,... that reminds me, I have to post up my cousin's DSLR on eBay. I really don't know why he doesn't do it himself :/ He says it's cuz he doesn't have an account. Dude, an eBay account is FREE. :/ ughhh...makes me mad


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  1. Oh, snap! We both took sky photos! (Coincidence!! I didn't see yours until after I'd already posted mine. Kinda freaks me out sometimes, the parallels between us!) The weather has been crazy, hasn't it?