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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11.08.11 - The past few days...

 The past few days has been quite chilly. Perfect for some Hot Chocolate ♥ I don't put any milk in it, obviously. Unless I wanted to be in PAIN :P
Oh bugger! I grabbed the wrong can of Mountain Dew. This one is diet and it tastes soooo disgusting!!! I don't mind diet drinks, but this makes the flavor sooo different and powdery like. UGHH *gags* It's probably telling me "WTF!? Why're you trying to get all wired up when you work super early tomorrow?!" ;D~

 The clouds were awesome that day. This was on my day off on... Sunday. This is directly in front of my house. A whole LOT of nothing ;)

 This is on the right side of the above pic. It's also a whole lot of nothing. Though, there is a trail. In the summer, mom and I like taking walks along there. I especially like going around the man-made lake. I don't know why, but I do. Sometimes there are ducks :D And they follow you around ;__; They're so cute

Beyond the trail is a bird... -_-; rest stop. I guess. Lol! A lot of birds migrate and CLAIM it as their rest stop ;) We, often, hear their chirping and... CAW'ing and... well they're plain loud and there's a TON of them!

 On Sunday, for lunch... I made some plain fried rice. Here are the ingredients I used ;)
-Two Eggs
-Chinese sausage
-Rice (duh)

Yep, that was my fried rice ;)

 After cleansing off the chinese sausage, I chopped it up. Taa daa!

Turned on the stove, let the WOK heat up, poured some oil added some salt... 

Dumped in the steamed rice. Squished the rice down until it was flat along the bottom (don't ask why I do that, I just do it ;) ). Dumped in the eggs... I think I was being lazy cuz usually I'll dump the eggs, stir it around a bit...then dump everything else.

But this time, I dumped EVERYTHING in! Lol! I had some leftovers (tofu and beef)

 Put some Oyster Sauce and some soy sauce (for color and aroma!) in...)

TAA DAA! The steam got to my camera ;D 
 Here's another pic...TAA DAA!

Anyway, I participated in my first swap-bot swap. It was an Indie Eyeshadow Sample swap. Basically, we go on some indie sites and purchase samples from different indie companies and send them off to the person you're assigned to. 
 I just received this yesterday! The funny thing is... the person I got was someone I had sent MY eyeshadows to, to review! ^_^;;; 

In her card, she wrote "Now it's MY turn to send YOU eyeshadows!" lol!
She sent me a LOT! The swap is supposed to be 5 samples or one full sized eyeshadow. She sent me 10!!!! The best thing is that these are companies that I've been wanting to try :P But haven't had the chance to. I think she's psychic. *nods*

As for what's been going on the last two days (yesterday and today? lol), I got sad because of a few things:
#1) The parents are back. They finished moving my grandparents out. They stayed an extra day because they were scared the crazy grandma would reject the place violently. If she did they'd have to figure out what to do because my grandpa had signed the lease for a year already.

But, the crazy grandma liked it. My mom (she's so mean when it comes to the crazy grandma) says it's because she gets to be treated like a queen. In our SF house, it's bigger and it made her walk around a lot, etc. In their apartment, it's smaller so all she has to do is sit down and have my grandpa do everything. And she could go out to eat everyday! Because they're located IN Chinatown (like my mom's mom. <--they're a few blocks from each other)

Plus, Dad had to help them set up their landline phone. I think they're going to get rid of our landline in our SF home. Is it stupid to miss it? I mean, we've had it for forever!

#2) I got my monthly yesterday. BOOOOOO! But it's kind of a good thing too. Black Friday is soon and I'd rather NOT have to deal with this horrid thing during that weekend! 

I really want a typewriter. I know your computer and printer can work the same and blah blah blah. I just like how it looks. It's like traditional art vs digital art to me. I like how it looks. 

I know there's the fonts and such for computers but no... it's definitely different.

I want to start making zines (about random things) and using a typewriter would be fun! :) 

I started to work on my zine. It's a comiczine. It was supposed to be "Things I can't say aloud" or something...then I thought it'd be better if it was "Snarky Thoughts" :D Because that's what it basically is. Things that happen and my responses to them that are in my mind, but I don't say out loud because I don't want to hurt peoples' feelings or something like that. 

Anyway, I started to do it during a meeting at work...but I realized I had to pay attention ;P So I stopped. Lol! But I STILL do plan on doing it. 

Maybe make regular zines too. OMG how I used to buy zines all the time :P I miss them... I still have a few old ones. I've been looking on etsy for some. 

Okay, I'd best be going. I've got an opening shift tomorrow. *grumbles*


  1. PARALLELS!!!!

    I'm already on there! Do it!!

    I've been considering one offs, mini comic zines in packs with cute stuff.

  2. Oh woman, you really shouldn't have sent me to this site XD Now I'll want to make zines MORE!!!

    If you ever make em, let me know and I'll buy em or we could do a trade (when I actually finish mine ;P)

    And we really DO think alike, it's quite eerie

  3. I'm working on it! Will let you know. A swap would be nice.

    Yeah... like the hot drinks. Cold weather = hot drinks!

  4. @StrawberryMilkMade OH?! You're working on a zine now!? OMFG! Now you're making me really want to work on one ;D!