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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11.29.11 - Tragic Tuesday sale...

I'm listening to Sonata Arctica right now. I haven't listened to them in like two years. They were the first concert I ever went to.

Anyway! Yesterday, I had a closing shift and I completely forgot that we were now on Holiday hours which meant we closed an hour later! Which would mean that I might be home AT midnight! Which really sucks for my Tragic Tuesday sale! Because I wanted to be on time! I'm one of those people that HAS to be punctual. :/ 

So when it was closing time, I was getting irritated and pissed that we were closing with mostly new hires. I pulled them out at 9pm (again) and still, they couldn't finish in two hours X_x; 

I think I also went over 5 hours (by ONE minute). But that was an accident and my manager even said so. Hopefully, I won't get in trouble for that... 

Anyway, once I got home it was 11:50pm! The first thing I did after I dropped all my stuff on my bed was turn on my laptop. But I forgot how long it takes to load up (and if you're impatient, it takes even LONGER ;D). So I decided to just post up a message saying how sorry I was that I was late ;(

I had dinner, relaxed my feet for a bit before I went back to the laptop and posted up the sale. Unfortunately, my ETSY site wanted to be a butthole! So I linked that only the Storenvy site was selling. (Etsy deleted everything after I took off the vacation mode!) I definitely don't mind that because Storenvy has LESS fees than Etsy.

In 30 minutes, I got 6 sales! O_o; I was surprised. I honestly thought that I was only going to get 5 sales ;P 

 This is how many sales I got. These are my invoices. I'm known for my hand-written ones. I spent all day on these. When I did take a break, I was figuring out how to organize myself so I could do this easily. I decided:
-1 day filling full sized jars
-1 day filling clamshells
-1 day filling baggie samples
- 1 day filling LUCKY PACKS
- 1 day printing flyers/ingredient listings that I usually put in my "packaging"

I also made a spreadsheet. I needed to know exactly how many jars/clamshells I needed to use because I don't have many jars or clamshells left (I think I have 100 each). 

This was my first time making a spreadsheet ;P I was quite mad because I accidentally closed the window and didn't save it X_x; so I had to re-do it. 

I thought the spreadsheet would be easier to help me fill orders too. I'm thinking of doing another spreadsheet/checklist for orders. 

(BTW, I had more on the spreadsheet; just took a quickstyle pic ;P The LUCKY PACK listings are wayyy on the bottom and I sold 4 (yay!))

I'm going to try to find a way to organize this better and since I stated that my turnaround time would be 10-14 business days; I'll have plenty of time. 

At my job, whenever we have a BIG ASS SALE (ex: Black Friday, day before Christmas, Anniversary sale); the day/weekend afterwards... we (supervisors) have a form to fill out called "Correction of Errors". Basically, it's a "What could we have done better". I'm thinking of doing that for my Tragic Tuesday sale too. 

Anyway, I don't know why I always end up blogging late into the night because I have an opening shift tomorrow ;) 


  1. lol I appreciate your personal touch, but I wouldn't mind a typed invoice!! If you wrote a little "With Love from Linda!!!" I'd be stoked! hahaha A little less work for you would be good. You sound like you need a vacation. & a massive care package. HMM.

    I wish Lucky Packs came with a hot 6 pack guy...

    CONGRATS on your full sell out!!! Uh... Sale... store all sold out. I'm so tired. Good night!!

  2. Congratulations for the successfully sale Linda! I'm curious wich shade was the top seller from the holiday collection :)

  3. @StrawberryMilkMade I like my hand-written invoices :D

    @SwatchFreak The top seller from the Holiday Collections
    BAGGIES - Peppermint Kisses
    CLAMSHELLS - Shooting Stars, Guilty Grinch, Champagne Bath, & Grieving Flame
    5GRAM JARS - Hidden Present

    The overall top shades were: Shooting Stars and Hidden Present