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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

01.23.12 - awkward part 2...

...continued from previous post [since my lunchbreak was over; I'm at home now]

The dude that was trying to buy the phone called me RIGHT when I came back from lunch. And when I said called me, I meant called the store number and asked for "Linda". We have two "Linda"'s in the store and MOST of the time, they're calling for Linda Crawford. I told him (in a bored voice :P) that she wasn't there and went home already, she would be back early tomorrow. He said "no no, the ASIAN one!!!" LOL

Anyway, he says that his sister took one of the phones that they were trying to buy (but failed!) and was going to come in to pay for it....

Of course I had to call the department (find the salesperson <--he went home!) and call LP (Loss Prevention; who told MY manager and etc)... And what do you know? They never returned. *shrugs* We all knew he wasn't going to return....

There's a mosquito flying about in my room and just sucked out my blood in my thumb. OMFG it hurts and it's swollen like a MOFO X_x;;;; Whenever I get mosquito bites I put on some TIGER BALM! Yep! It makes it feel better...though it's still burning :/ ugh

LOL! I'm reading my old LIVEJOURNAL entries. OMG! I'm such an idiot ;D

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