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Monday, January 23, 2012

01.23.12 - awkward...

Oh customers... How you surprise me.

I had JUST clocked in to start my shift when some old guy came up to me... 'um... Do you have American pornography? I like the ones where they line the girls up and spanks them all.'

O_O;;;;; there were some software salespeople behind me so I was going to ask them, but he stopped me and said that he wanted ME to help him. Ummm... A little freaked here.

He kept describing the types of 'pornography' that he liked and I said that I had to shove him over to the software department since I didn't know where it would be. I hurriedly found someone and ran for the hills! :P

This was a few minutes ago. I was the only supervisor and everyone needed my help. One of them was a new hire. His customers were paying with a check. So after checking info and stuff, I found that they wrote bad checks to us and I had to think of excuses on why we couldn't take their check. It helped that our security department was watching them too.

Now onto the rest of my work shift

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