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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

01.24.12 - Day off blues...

Right when I woke up and logged onto Facebook there was drama. I was like "I can't handle this any more". It seems as if every time I have a day off, something huge comes around! After I did my laundry I rushed off to the nearby shopping centers and did some shopping. 

Oh, Happy Lunar New Year! 
 My mom usually likes to decorate our house, but this year we haven't had the time. Usually, there will be a bunch of tangerines (with leaves!) around the house attached to red envelopes. But the only decorating she did was to our front gate. Lol, the flash blinded me when I took this pic ;D It reflected back onto our gate @__@;

The first place I went to was my PO Box. I got a few bills, but nothing like last month's horrible bills! X__x;  I actually had no idea where I wanted to go. So I just wandered whereever I was driving. I ended up going to ROSS and looked around. I got bored quickstyle (LOL!)! It seems as if they were re-stocking everything so it was practically empty (so weird to see it like that!). I wandered off next door to Michael's and wanted to see if they had a 3" round/circle hole puncher. *sigh* they had a 3.25" one :/ I also found my baggies that I usually use for samples. Pfft! NOW they have them! When I ran out and rushed over there they didn't have any more. Which is why I found another place. But I liked their size :/ Oh well...

After I went to Michael's, I drove off to TARGET. At TARGET, I just wandered around. I got a pair of shoes for work. They're just ballet flats. <--same shoes, different color. I couldn't find the color online... 

It's funny how when I started working at FRY'S that I started wearing ballet flats. I used to wear...regular like oxfords and such. Plus, they had a grip, so it'd be easier walking around the kitchens [restaurant kitchens, I mean]...but those thoses are clunky and HEAVY and since I'm on my feet MORE than when we were at the restaurant [downtimes we got to sit down; here you can't]...

Okay, I rambled :D And I can't wear heels :D

 After TARGET, I wandered off into Barnes & Noble which is 2 stores down and just looked around. I ended up buying this book which was on clearance. I just wanted something to read and if you read my previous post, you know that I have an embarrassing affinity for chick lit ;D <--which is funny cuz I hate chick flicks :D~

After I left Barnes & Noble, I didn't want to go home :( So I drove off into another shopping center that I rarely go to since BORDERS closed down and that's what I went there for most of the time. I noticed that a lot more stores had gone since the last time I was there. 

Oh, I forgot to mention I got some undies and bras too :D Meh! Maybe I forgot to mention them on purpose LOL

I went into KOHL's and looked around. The only thing I would go there for is my perfume that I use everyday. I've already gone through 3 bottles of it. I love that stuff. It's a very light, citrus-y, fresh, floral (?) scent. It's FLIRT! ROCK-N-REBEL

Anyway, I found it and they raised the price!!! I wanted to cry! Then I found... This set!!!! Two FULL-SIZES for $29.99!!!!??!?? When one of them (now) costs $39.99!!!!!! I was like HECK YEAH! I had to sniff the other one too. LOL! Cuz if my nose can't handle it, I'll shove it off to someone else. ^_^; But I think it's okay, It's almost like the ROCK-N-REBEL

I also got a $10 off coupon on anything from KOHL'S! mwahahah! I'll be spending it on ANOTHER ONE!!! 

I went home after that. :( So sad...
 What's even sadder is LOOK AT ALL THAT BIRD POOP ON MY CAR!!! I must've parked under a tree X____x; Ughhh!!!! It'd better ran so it can wash off ;D~~

 I couldn't resist taking pix of the sky [a few hours after I got home from my shopping expedition] :D It's so pretty.... is this pic? LOL! Oh well whatever :D

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