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Monday, February 13, 2012

02.12.12 - I've joined the herd!!!!

I finally FINALLY got my tax return. I was kind of freaking out because I had just mailed the house bill and I was short $100. But it came in late that same night. Anyway, I also told myself that I would use that money to get rid of T-Mobile and get an iPhone and get Sprint. I know I know...I didn't want an iPhone but...for some reason I've been craving for it for the last few months!

Anyway... yesterday, Dad went to SF to talk to the guy that owes us money and cuz he was freaked about about us taking him to court, he gave us MOST of the money back. It made Dad quite happy too since right after, he went and bought a used car. I think Mom was happy about it too cuz she didn't bitch about it...AT ALL!

Because of Dad buying the car (they did it in SF), my bro had to drive up here in my Dad's other car (truck). My bro stayed overnight and they left here at 7:00pm. 

I told myself that once I got my tax return, I would get the iPhone. And when my brother came up here, I was like "OMG perfect timing! We'll upgrade/downgrade (??) his plan so we could have a family plan". Since he's with Sprint too. Then I realized that he wanted to upgrade his phone and it'll be in awhile before he could. So if he changed his plan, I don't think he'd be able to get a new phone. So I said forget it because it was only $4 cheaper if we went on a family plan.

This morning, it seemed as if they were going to go back to SF early (Dad was to drive my bro back) but they didn't. My Dad wanted to go out and "show off" in the new car *snorts*. He wanted to take us to the Vacaville Outlets but none of us really wanted to go. He wanted to take us to eat dim sum, but none of us wanted to go. It made me feel kinda bad. But then he got a call to check out someone's house to get an estimate on (to fix it). 

My bro and I headed out. The first place we went to was Best Buy. I decided to go there cuz I thought my bro would be bored if he was going to wait for me to get my stuff activated. Unfortunately, they didn't have the one I wanted. :/ After wandering a bit, we headed off to the Sprint store which was directly across the street (Lol). 

According to the sales-dude, there was an error when porting (lol) my # to Sprint. He said that it should work tomorrow... 

My bro and I went to my workplace and I got a cheap-o case and a screen protector...then went grocery shopping. Then, went home. I was getting a KILLER HEADACHE. We watched some movies on the computer, had lunch and the parents tried going to SF but there was traffic and they ended up staying longer.

Once we got home from our expedition (above), I charged my phone. I was sad to see that it wasn't activated but it was okay. Once the parents and my bro left, I started inputting contacts. A few minutes after I started, I had service. 
 After I input all my contacts, I put on the screen protector (there are still widdle air bubbles! I'm not talented enough!) and put on the case.
The flash made it blinding. I wanted to get a different case but I liked it cuz it was sleek. Little did I know how SLEEK and SLIPPERY iPhones are! The case makes it not as slippery but it's still slippery. 

Went on eBay and purchased some Little Twin Stars' iPhone cases. I can't wait for them to arrive! Yay I get to have my slew of cutesy cases. Mwahahahah!

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