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Thursday, February 23, 2012

02.23.12 - Stressing out...

My skin is not good. It's not getting any better. Okay... I mean... my ECZEMA is getting worse! I showed my mom today and she kind of freaked out. Usually my mom will say something like "Quit your bitchin and deal with it" <--in a much nicer way ;) lol

But she was like umm... let's take you to see a dermatologist. But I'm kinda scared. :P So I don't want to. *runs away* I've been using my "for eczema" lotions and it helps a bit... but then the itchiness starts up all over again (if I'm "lucky!")

Other things to stress about... it was SUDDENLY announced last week that our corporate office was coming in for a "visit". When I say "visit", I mean "inspection". The funny thing is...last year we didn't really get any. We usually get one once every 3 weeks. But last year, it was only once because there was always some sort of emergency. Honestly though, I think they're scared of our ghetto store ;)

Anyway, so this week we've been stressing about getting everything done (mostly cleaning and re-organizing our department and storage rooms [we're in charge of MOST of the store]). But, then tragedy hits. Two of our supervisor's family members died. So they had to rush off, which kind of stresses us out too because we don't know what they've done and we're all assigned certain duties.

They were supposed to show up today...but I hadn't seen them at all. Well, that's not true. I didn't see MY department's district manager. I saw a few other departments'... but... yeah. I'm hoping and PRAYING he doesn't come in. -_-; He makes me nervous >__>

One good thing did happen. I received one of my new phone cases that I ordered on eBay. Trust me, you'll be seeing 4 more. Lol. I thought this was really neat-looking and it's very 3D looking....I can't explain it unless you look at it in person.

 Isn't it pretty? I'm not one for pink, but some things look better in pink. I bet if this was a blue & purple one...I wouldn't like it as much.

I tried taking a pic of the 3-dness of it. But it just came out weird. Lol XD

This week and last week I got an influx of orders O_o; I was quite surprised. I was happy but surprised. I think I was stressing about it too. I was trying to find the TIME to package them up. Every time I tried to, I had to help dad :/ 

Anyway, that's what I ended up doing for 3 hours today. Just packing up orders... I'm going to send off most of them except for one. I was really tired by the time I had that ONE left over. >__> I'm lame, I know!

It's getting quite warm...

Anyway, I really shouldn't be online since I have an opening shift... but *shrugs*.

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