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Saturday, February 25, 2012

02.24.12 - What's in my bag?

The wind has been going a little crazy these past few days ... Right now it sounds like it's blowing houses down. Okay, not really. But there are things that are right next to my room that are knocking over and over into each other 

A few days ago, I decided that I was going to do another "what's in my bag" post. Just cuz somehow there was a TON of junk in my bag and I thought it'd be funny to do a post. LOL! 

What you see is what's REALLY inside my bag on that day. I've since taken out a lot of it. LOL!
Starring this bag I got on about 3 years ago. [But I got it on sale for $20]. 

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside... 

First things first, I purchased a flash drive ($3 at my workplace with my discount) and this CD came with this Asian eyeliner I got like months ago. 

I got the flash drive because one of my co-workers is copying something for me *nods*. The CD was in my bag when I switched to this bag. Apparently, I didn't take it out. LOL X__x;

Wallet, iPod Classic w/ portable speaker and some Ice Breakers' mints. [I don't like these mints]

My "pharmacy" that I refilled today. I've been getting headaches and migraines a LOT lately. :( The clutch thingy I got the other day from etsy... and my LUSH "massage bar". 

What's inside the clutch thingy from etsy. A ton of lip stuff. My lips have been really dry so... yeah :P Lip balm,. lip glosses, a quarter (LOL!), a pen, my PO BOX keys, and some eyedrops.

Here's the massage bar. It looks gross ;D I didn't really want to show this pic but whatever ;)

My "pharmacy" after it was refilled. But everything keeps getting tossed around (as you can see). Luckily, I know which pills are which. Also shoved some bandaids in here.

Other things that were tossed around in my bag. A lens wipe (for my glasses), a delivery confirmation (one of my orders that I was shipping off), my makeup bag (lol), a free sample pouch (samples are inside), and a cream blush from Sephora

You can see my delivery confirmation floating above ;) What's in my little makeup bag. An EcoTools kabuki brush and a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium. 

This is what was in the sample pouch thingy. Apparently, at Sephora if you purchase a NARS product for $35 (??? I think, I don't remember exactly since it's over -->), you get this pouch of goodie samples. Well, I didn't purchase anything NARS but the cashier was super nice and gave it to me. O_O; I think they had extras or something. LOL! What was in the pouch was:
 Orgasm Illuminator, eyeshadow base, bronzing powder in Laguna. The top thingy was the bronzing powder (I took it out of the box to show in this photo). It was pretty cool O_o; Most were deluxe samples but I think the eyeshadow base was a full-size. 

Some "mints" but they're not. They're fruity "mints" and an Ulta hand cream. *nods* This thing smells DELICIOUS!!! ;D~

Anyway, that's all for this edition of "What's in my bag" :D 

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