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Sunday, March 4, 2012

03.04.12 - Stars R Us!

I got up this morning and I was like OMG! I must finish Jiasee's special gift! The special gift is... a pressed blush. Not just any pressed blush, but a multi-colored blush with designs! I plan to do them in the future for my store and I thought this would be a great first try...

It was a LOT harder than I thought. X_x; Plus, I was impatient LOL which is why all the colors ...merged into each other ;__; 

 Here's the one I made for Jiasee. It consists of a soft pink blush with a blue sheen (the heart), a peachy coral (the flower), and a very light pink (outer ring).

After I made the above... I made this one with the leftover ingredients (pink with a blue sheen) and a very light pink (the star).

See how messy they came out? I think it'd look better if I was patient and let it completely dry first -_-;

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