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Monday, March 5, 2012

03.05.12 - What's in my bag?

Damnit! Me and my new obsession. I was never a bag person...then I don't know what happened O_o; 

Anyway, I was on the Asos site last week and was just browsing and saw this bag was on sale (it's not on there any more O_o; Did I get the last one?) The color said it's a lilac. Umm... I'm looking at it in pix and in person... It is totally NOT a lilac color ;P It's more of a gray-taupe.

 Lilac my butt! ;P It's okay, I like this color anyway. It's a tote-sized leather (faux?) bag with two handles and a strap. I admit, I don't like the strap much because it feels awkward when you carry it.

It's got this clasp thing that goes over the bag and keeps it shut.

 I expanded the bag so you could see. There's actually 4 sections but the first one (right where the bow is) was hard to expand out. Two magnetic closures and one zippered section.

Nothing was in the pouch behind the bow. This is the first section. I just purchased a Battle Royale novel. I lost my other one :/ *cries* I liked that cover better. *sigh* Oh wells. My wallet and my work badge

 This is in the zippered section. My clutch thing I got from etsy [the insides are the same as before but  I added more change], a check stub, this week's work schedule, my "pharmacy", hand cream from ULTA, an itch defense-type lotion [for my eczema], a travel-sized perfume from Escada ♥, and my mini makeup pouch [same things are inside].

 This is in the last section. My NookColor [currently reading: the Hunger Games and The girl with the dragon tattoo] and my iPod Classic and the portable speaker. 

I read on my lunchbreak and that's why the cover has this grease stain on it. Eww... I plan on taking out the Battle Royale novel since it was only there cuz I just bought it.

Inside of the NookColor cover. I keep the "manual" in the little sleeve and I believe an old work schedule's in there ;P

Lol, the strap got in the way of my photo. 

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