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Thursday, May 17, 2012

05.17.12 - It's almost my birthday!

RAWR! I wrote a bit and then accidentally closed the window. *sigh* It didn't save. X_x;
It's been a long time since I've made a post. I, actually, blog / journal for stress relief. I even bought an actual journal so I could start up journaling again. <--this was months ago! X_x; I don't particularly know where it's gone. Lol! 

It's almost my birthday! I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I'll be 31. I can't believe how these years have flown by. Living in this city, the time really HAS flown by. Living in the previous town... it dragged on. I lived there for 6 years and here, it'll be 7 years in August. 

As far as I can remember, my birthdays suck. My parents are true believers in "Who cares if it's your birthday! We don't need to celebrate it!" My mom usually buys a small cake and that's usually it. Sometimes, they treat me worse on my birthday exclaiming that I haven't done anything in my life. I haven't amounted to anything, you know? It's, unfortunately, true. So that leads me to be depressed.

Speaking of depressed... that's what I've been feeling lately. Sometimes, I get this way. I can't concentrate on work or I can't even talk to anyone. I want to be left alone to mope. I can't eat. All I want to do is sleep because I know when I do...the days pass me by faster. I'm trying to bring myself out of it...but it's quite difficult. Also, because of that... I've been getting flare-ups on my eczema. So my skin's been bothering me like crazy.

Back to my bad birthdays :P 

Last year, we(my bro and my friend) planned on going to Monterey, CA. to see the aquarium and just to visit. We planned it 7 months in advance. I turned in my vacation time for those days (paid days! yay!) 6 months in advance! And I got approved! But you see, I have bad luck. 

My manager was on vacation and he scheduled me to work. I was like WTF?! Also, my brother COMPLETELY forgot about it even though it was HIS idea. My friend said she didn't think she could go. *sigh* The thoughts of working on my b-day was starting to sound good. :( I was getting so sad. But at the last minute, LITERALLY, the last minute... my brother and my friend's plans were pushed aside. My manager called the supervisor in charge to change my schedule and we got to go.

BUT IT RAINED! -_-;;;; Oh well. It was fun. One of the things I really wanted to see was closed down too. *sigh* It was the underwater tunnel-aquarium-thing. But I did get to see my favorite animals of all time! SEA OTTERS!!! ♥

We assumed we were staying in Monterey for the weekend. But my brother said no. So we went back to San Francisco and we hung out there. We didn't have any money, so we took weird tourist pics. We were trying to figure out what to do... We even planned on doing a scavenger hunt by creating a random list and taking pictures of them. Instead we got stuffed animals and took tourist shots of them. 

Anyway, this year, I decided not to do anything elaborate like going out of town. I did request the days off (paid vacation again). I did it 6 months in advance again. I always do it early because we only have 7 supervisors and if one person requests it off, another can't. Luckily, one of the other sups brought a big calender and we all wrote the days that we needed off. 

Anyway! This year >_< (as I get off topic again), I decided to just go to the local Korean BBQ with a bunch of my co-workers. The sad thing is... I always feel bad. Somehow a lot of people in the store found out about it and I kept inviting people. On my list of people that are 100% sure they're going... I've got 30 people! I had to actually STOP inviting people. It made me sad. 

Phillip, one of the sups (also invited), suggested we go to karaoke right after. It's about 2 blocks away from the Korean BBQ place. So I made a list of people that wanted to go do that too. There's only about 18 people that want to do that. LOL. 

I'm hoping everyone will go. My friend from where I used to live is going too. Yay! I haven't seen her in... a year? I think. 
But... Because I've been so... :/ meh! I kind of want to cancel it. I told some of the people today and they were like "WHAT!??! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULDN'T!!!" So, now, I'm confused. 

I finally finished the Endless Rain collection for my store. FINALLY! Well, it's not COMPLETELY finished. I still have to make bottom jar labels (easily done now that I've figured out how to set it up) and design an ingredient listing sheet. After that, I can ship off the Endless Rain pre-orders that I've got :)

It's funny that all the colors didn't turn out as planned but, I still really like them. ^_^

Work has been... I don't know? On Monday/Tuesday, my schedule was quite...CRAZY! Only because our store had a midnight sale for Diablo 3. It was to last for an hour. I usually close on Mondays and even if I wasn't closing...I had a feeling my manager would've picked me to work during that time anyway. 

The weird thing was, we had to do TWO CLOSINGs. We have certain duties to perform during closing and we had to do it twice. It was just, all in all confusing!!!!

We shouldn't have opened for an hour. We should've only opened for 30 minutes! Most of the people that bought it did pre-orders. We have a special process that we have to go through to ring up pre-orders. Most of the cashiers didn't know how to do it. X_x; So I was running around helping people.

After the 18 minute-rush X__X; it was deathly slow. 

Every department was scheduled to work. Most of the associates that were scheduled were obviously in my department and the Software dept. All the others...there was one associate scheduled. But, the store manager soon dismissed them when he saw that no one was going to the other departments. After the rush, the store manager let some of our cashiers go home early. We waited another 15 minutes, then he let another 3 go...Then it was time to actually go home.

It was quite exhausting. Since I was still under the RUSH, I couldn't sleep until 4 am X_x;;;  I woke up extra late on my day off. I was lucky to have the next day (same day :P) off. The other closing supervisor wasn't so lucky. Some of the cashiers had to go to school first thing in the morning (645am class!). So, I felt bad for them.

Tomorrow, most of us are scheduled. Tomorrow and Saturday, I should say. Our store is having (well the whole company) their anniversary sale. Accompanying it, we have a hot dog & soda charity. <--they're really cheap and all proceeds go to the local ______ (it changes every year). We also have a soda sale. Cases of soda would be incredibly cheap and it's not generic brand either. It's COKE products.

We had to decorate the store but we did it last minute. Linda C was in charge and as usual, she did it at the last minute and when she wasn't working. <--As in, she would tell other associates (NOT SUPERVISORS) to decorate when she wasn't there! :/ Umm...what? 

Today, our corporate office paid an unexpected visit (they were on their way, when I was still there). So, the store that's about 30 minutes away called us and told us that we need to put up our anniversary decorations because they didn't have theirs up and they got scolded. :P So, in a MAD DASH... all the departments were fighting over decorations and decorating their departments like crazy.

Unfortunately, they chose ME X_x; I hate decorating and don't think I do a good job. I had to steal the new hire, who was help because we didn't have enough people and since he wasn't going to be in our department (he was 'shadowing' cashiers)... he could help. We did as best as we could with the tiny amount that we had and small time frame. Also, our department is the biggest in the store... so it really sucked having a TEENY TINY box of tinsel to throw about in our department. Luckily, there were paper-foil stars in there, so I stuck them on the walls :P

Wow this post is long. I think I'm just trying to take my mind off of things...

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