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Monday, May 28, 2012

05.28.12 - You can call me SNEEZY :P

-_-; I still haven't heard from April about our change of plans for Thursday. I see her today so I'm going to bug her. 

I was working on some blog posts on my other blog that's majorly neglected ;P The next thing I knew, Dad calls. "Sorry, I need you to help me bring some things from home to that house you went to last week". X_x; Great, that means that I'd have to help them work too.

OMG! I didn't get lost! LOL! Quite shocking since it's kind of a hard to find place X_x;

I ended up staying there for 2 hours sweeping dust, then vacuuming it. Since my dad's a contractor... I guess they were almost done and needed a bit of help. And there was MOUNTAINS of dust X_x; But the parents wear the masks X_x; I didn't know there was going to be MOUNTAINS (of course this is an exaggeration but there really was a TON of dust!) of dust!

Once I finished, I went home and took some photos cuz I saw some of the flowers were blooming in our front yard and they were pretty :P

 Okay, so the strawberry photos aren't flowers and they weren't from yesterday. Lol! I just found them on my memory card ^_^;; I think I took them a month ago?

Ugh! Gotta work today. The store closes at a different time (earlier) and I didn't know until I got my schedule. So, I think I'll be home at around 9pm. Yay? I can work on some things! I've been trying to finish a few drawings... there's this one drawing I'm desperately trying to finish by tomorrow. If I don't finish by tomorrow, it's okay too! Why tomorrow? It's a birthday drawing...

OMG my eyes are watery! I wonder if I can take allergy meds for this dusty nose of mine. O_o; *sneeze* X_x;;; UGHHHHHHHHHH!

I feel like I'm sick and sneezy LOL!

I tried watching the rest of "Size Does Matter" (That Japanese show I was watching awhile ago)... but the last two episodes I just saw had really bad subs X_x; I was like "WTF is going on!?" :P~ I think I'll have to switch it back to CSI again. I still haven't finished watching Season 10 (or was it 11? I'm too lazy to look).

Okay, I have honestly no idea what to talk about now LOL

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