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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


WHY!? Why am I out of this!? Of all days X_x; I really like this stuff. X_x; My damned oily face isn't oily with it on! (At least, for me!) I have another mattifying...thingy -_-; Oh, a primer... but I like the spray more. It works just as well, but like I said...I like the spray more.

I'd buy another one but I don't have the money LOL. Plus, might as well use up the primer. *nods* 

I couldn't really sleep last night and didn't really want to sleep in. I'm not excited, if that's what you're thinking. As I've said birthdays are always a HUGE disappointment or I end up extremely depressed. So, I'm not getting my hopes up for tonight. 

But I just can't see to sleep my "normal" hours. I seem to have gone back to my old sleeping habits. -Aka- if something wakes me up...can't sleep again! 

The parents were collecting their tools at around 6am (I slept at 3am) and it's not loud but they have to do it next to my room, so I can hear them scrounging and such. X_x; So, that woke me up. I tried to go back to sleep..but after an hour...I quit. LOL! 

So, I took a shower, did my laundry, paid some bills. Now I'm here. Taa daa! I do have an errand to run but it's still early (for me). I usually like going out in the afternoon. 

I kind of want to re-stock my store or make new shades. But... I don't have a lot of supplies to do that. I'm almost completely out of 4 colors. 

I also want to make my special LE colors. 

I need to draw too -_-; 

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