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Monday, June 11, 2012

06.11.12 - Lalala CHOCOLATE!

Is it sad that I was hoping that the parents wouldn't be home on my day off? 

I wonder why some parents treat their kids like crap and other parents' treat their kids like gold?'s just how I've been feeling for the past month.

Well, good news (?) my eating habits are coming back (kinda). Sleeping not so much. Hello? Why else am I still awake ? :P 

Whenever I'm extremely depresssed, stressed, unhappy (hey same as depressed :P)... I can't eat and all I want to do is waste the days away by sleeping. 

Onto a completely different topic... while everyone else's allergies are gone, MINE are coming around! I've been taking allergy meds like crazy because I've been sneezing, red eyes, dry eyes, sinus pain, etc ALL THE LIVELONG DAY! You know when I've got allergies! My sneezes are usually very quiet and just come out like PCHHH (lol). But now they just RAWR out.

Yesterday, work was not treating me well. (wait, not yesterday but I meant Saturday). Not like any customers screamed at me or anything. But... before I arrived, the parents were quite... umm... let's just say it left me really depressed and in a super cranky mood. So, instead of taking it out on people, I kept silent. I guess I scared some people of how silent I was.

Anyway, I was doing a cash pull on someone and I was putting the money away and in order to do that, you have to lean up against the safe, if you're short like me. Colin had suspected that when they changed combinations and greased the hinges, that they didn't wipe it down afterwards (or whatever).

Can you guess what happened? My white shirt had BLACK SMUDGES OF GREASE ALL OVER!!! And the day for me JUST started X_x; My white shirt was just accident prone that day! Because during my lunchbreak, I spilled my drink AND sauce from my lunch on my WHITE shirt! 

Today, I tried cleaning it...I bleached it, I soaked it in bleach, I used dishwasher soap, etc. NOTHING! THAT STUPID BLACK GREASE WON'T COME OFF!!! I guess I'll have to throw it out :/

Anyway, what did I do today? I worked on my [LIFE^2] pages. <--WHAT!?!? I know!!! It's been FOREVER! I had to re-do it 3 times, just the page I'm working on. 

#1) I messed up inking and had to re-draw the page
#2) It wouldn't come out right and I got frustrated and threw the page away
#3) what I'm working on right now... 

After this page, I'll have about 2 more pages to go. 

While drawing, I was watching the latest episodes of Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef (I'm a big fan of Hell's Kitchen and not really MasterChef but my bro kept telling me to watch it) on Hulu. That's what I basically did the whole day. >_<

I did try to swatch my latest Detrivore order [my last order in a looong time] but for some reason, I just didn't want to. I love doing swatches but for some reason...I just didn't want to.

Also had my BOGO sale on i+t. It did better than I thought. I'm going to have to work on that tomorrow/soon. 

I also scanned my finished art commission to show the person who requested it. Now, I have two more commissions to go...

Well, I'm finally getting sleepy <_<;; 

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