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Sunday, June 3, 2012

31st B-day! (May 29, 2012)

OMG WHAT!? I'm posting my B-day post (?) today!?!?!? 

It's almost been a week since my b-day. I wasn't in the best of moods to post it up. But, today I wanted to cheer myself up. This was the best bday I've had...EVER!!!!!!!!! It might not seem much, but when your birthdays suck every year,...

After many MANY changes! We decided to go to On the Border. I had never been there before. The original place was supposed to be Korean BBQ, but none of us could afford it. Someone suggested Applebee's but most of the people hated that place. Then, Colin (another supervisor), suggested we go to On the Border. A lot of us had never been there before. But it's located in the same shopping center as the Applebee's that we were going to go to.

Sandy and Colin helped me reserve the table and ask a bunch of people to go. They basically, almost, planned everything. They even invited people I would normally...NOT invite. >_> But, it's okay. 

I was quite surprised that the parents remembered my birthday. They hardly do. But they remembered this year. This is the cake I got from them. 

When I woke up, I was waiting for the parents to demand that I do something for them. But nothing (yet). A few hours later, my mom calls and tells me to run some errands for her, then she said "Btw, it's your birthday right? There's a cake in the refrigerator. Have some of it."

I took a pic of it and posted it on instagram ;P [look above!]
Please excuse the lack of photos. We didn't get many photos taken. Like I said, a lot of the photos came out quite blurry. I think I was overly excited? I also stole some photos from people on facebook ;)

We were told to arrive at around 8-830pm. I decided to show up at 8pm because my friend from Chico, was going to be there. Chico is an hour and a half away and she didn't really know her way around. Plus, she didn't know any of the people that we invited, so I was scared that she'd arrive and be like "uhhh...?"

Once I got parked, a minute later (not even joking), Emerald [friend from Chico] arrived. Yay! We were wondering if we should go inside yet. Then we saw Colin. So we followed him. We were the first to arrive.

They had set up two long tables (20 seats each). Everyone who arrived on time, sat at the table where I sat. Everyone else sat at the other table which I named "the kiddie table" :P. Cuz there were kids. 

I was surprised to see that there really were 40 people! O_o;;; And even more surprised that 40 people didn't look like many people. LOL!

We chatted, we ate...etc. Everyone tried to hug me but I ran away! I don't like hugs X_x; Actually, I don't like people touching me. But some people got to hug me (damnit!). Some had some amazing ninja skills and stealth-hugged me X_x; 

I had already begged them not to sing me Happy Birthday. The big table in that restaurant was embarassing enough. I don't like being the center of attention X_x; I was praying it wouldn't happen. But guess what!? IT DID HAPPEN!! BLARGH!!!

And I was MORTIFIED because not only did they sing happy birthday, they sang it ...or should I say SCREAMED it and in the most OBNOXIOUS way!!! X_x; So I was embarassed and I started crying. LOL! Oh man... I'm such a weenie. They all felt bad LOL! 


I used a flash and man you can't see anything! Lol

 Hiya Lisa :D

 Linda C. kept hiding from me :(

 Nicole's calling me a loser ;)

April looks overly happy way back there :P This was when I figured out not to use the flash! O_O;

Nicole looks kinda freaky and Linda C looks like she's going to kill me ;P

 BLURRY ME! I think Stefanie took this pic :P Me and Emerald (blurry Emerald)

Stefanie stole my camera and did a self-pic. Lucky her! Her self-pic came out perfect while MY pix came out totally blurry :P

Rida and Samina leaving ;(

I don't know who's photos these are...but the rest of these are other peoples' LOL.

Rida and me. She wanted to take a pic of me...and I wanted to make a face but they wouldn't let me -_-;

Marsha and Mike looking lovey-dovey


Colin, Lisa, someone's hand (I think it's Louie's). Emerald, Linda C., and Nicole...

Kevin, Sandy, and Sally...

Dennis and Anthony look like they're having an eating contest on looking the strangest :D

 I promised Sandy I would get a pic of her and me and her hugging me. As you can see, I don't like hugs :D Actually, the whole night was me making faces in photos ;D Linda C looking overly happy at something :P

 Rida and me. See? No serious face :D

 Stefanie trying to take a pic of me but I hid :D YAY ME! Emerald laughing on...

Sandy and Rida

 Sandy and Rida

Sandy and Samina and Vince... (kinda)

Sue and her bf (forgot his name >_>)

Vince and his gf (forgot her name >_>, but she's oh so very nice)

After we were done eating, Sandy SCREAMED at all of us to get outside. O_o; She wanted to take group pix. long that took! X_x; Lol! Here's a pic of all the females [some people ran away :P]

TOP (row) L-R: April, Nicole, Sue, Emerald, Linda C.
Bottom (row) L-R: Me, Sandy, Stefanie, Marsha, Lisa, Mai Vang, and Sally

We're all looking in different directions cuz 5 people were taking our photos at the same time and we didn't know where to look!!! :P

 Here's MOST of the people that were there. Some people ran off already X_x; Marsha! Why are you so far away? April looks like she fell off the curb ;P

 Another of just the females not knowing where to look (camera)

Another of just the females not knowing where to look (camera) :P

After that, we were outside for about an hour trying to figure out if we were going to go karaoke. Most of the people declined (so sad). So the rest of us went! :)
Here's the only photo I took. This wasn't even all the people. Since some arrived later (they had to go home to get something?)
In this photo: L-R: Felicia, Vanthon, Louie, Lisa, and April

Here's some videos of the karaoke >__> BE HORRIFIED LOL, jk! It was so much fun :D

We were there for 3 hours and didn't even know it. Since we had 9 people and they charged us $30 an hour, we each paid $10. (Well... actually we each paid $8+). ^_^; 

Yep, so that's what happened on my bday :P Yay!

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