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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

07.25.12 - Farewell old friend...

Man, I haven't blogged in awhile! >_< I think it's cuz I was on a drawing kick. I'm still in that mood to draw a lot but I wanted to finish up some things first. 

Last night, I made 3 colors that I've run out of. I had to re-formulate two of them. But, I tried to make them as close as possible to the originals...

It was also time to re-do my old swatch photos. I spent all day doing that today. I kept getting interrupted.. :P So, I deleted them from my facebook page and posted the new ones. I also updated the photos in my store.

But that's not what this post is about. 

Last Friday was Pao's last day at our store. ;__; I was so sad. He was the one that did my interview so long ago! He was always there for me and he was always my favorite supervisor (when I was a cashier and a supervisor). So, I was quite sad... He sent all the supervisors a mass email and made sure we printed it out for our cashiers to read too.

Anyway, before he left he said that he was having a farewell dinner at Carino's. I'd never been there before and had to find a way to go without pissing off the evil ones. 
That morning, Mom and I were headed out for some grocery shopping and some errands. We even took my aunt along. Before we left, my Dad got a call about a job. Turns out it was one of his regular "clients" (would it be called a client? O_o;) saying that he's having such bad luck renting out the house that my dad fixed over and over and over again. Because they trashed the place and stole all the appliances X_x;

Anyway, Mom and I left and I asked her, in front of my aunt... because that's the only way to get them to say "yes!", if I could go to the farewell thing. She didn't care.

I was getting a bunch of texts from my other co-workers asking what time I was going to be there since we kept getting mixed messages on the times. Some said it was supposed to start at 8, some said 830, some said 9..

Most of us decided to get there at 830 pm (including me). I didn't live that far away... so I could've arrived in like 10 minutes, but I like being early. I told the evil ones that I was leaving at 8 and my Dad threw a HUGE ASS FIT!!!!

Nothing I do will make them happy. I bet if I was a billionaire with one of the most successful businesses in the universe... they STILL wouldn't be happy with me. Last week, my dad bitched at me about not going out enough... So when I do, I get screamed at?! That makes NO SENSE!!!

I left in a pissy mood. *sigh*

I arrived too early, but decided to get some cash from the bank. My bank was, literally, 2 doors down from the restaurant. I had a feeling that we'd be splitting the bill...

Pao saw me and waved me over. I was the third person there. Lol! Anyway, here are the CRAP photos I took. CRAP because my camera hates me:

 Dennis giving me the evil eye

The restaurant here is kind of weird. If you were buying any alcoholic drinks, you had to go to the other side of the room. So, all the pix you see here... are from the non-alcoholic side.

Here's Pao dropping by. I was testing out my camera settings. Actually, I was doing that all night. I was wondering why the photos were coming out GHOSTLY :P

 Felicia and Nicole

 Nicole giving me a face

I figured out that it was on anti-stabilization. -_-; So whenever I moved...

L-R: Edgar, Vanthon, Felicia, and Nicole

This was when I figured out the stabilization mode >_<

 Felicia checking her menu

I guess it doesn't help that everyone was moving around so much too...

Our food arrived an hour AFTER we ordered. They took forever with our food, drinks (non-alcohol), our bills, AND getting change X_x;

 Edgar looks high here ;P

 SNEAK ATTACK on Nicole!

;__; Crap photo of Kao and Tracy


These last few photos are clear cuz I kept changing the settings X_x;

ONE DAY, I'll get it right! RAWR!

A lot of their food was sold out. :/ So we were disappointed with that. A lot of food there, I was allergic to so I chose the most ... non-dairy...-type thing I could get. I got the lemon rosemary grilled chicken. Let me tell you, it was only okay. :/ 

When I got my bill I nearly cried. It was crazy expensive :( $25 for that!??! UGH! Never again! We all agreed on that. It was EXPENSIVE for OKAY food.

Soon, it started getting rowdy. The restaurant was FULL of people that work at my store and former employees. Including department managers, which I found quite awkward. ESPECIALLY when they were VERY drunk and the loudest and most obnoxious there!

That wasn't even the awkward part. When one of them sat next to me because he was flirting with one of my co-workers like MAD. I must've made a face or something because he insulted me (LOUDLY!) and socked me in the arm. I still have a bruise. 

It reminded me why I don't like going out with people that drink. The people that sat with me couldn't believe he did that. Oh well... whatever! I just wanted to go home. It was a bad night and I wanted it to be over with. But he wouldn't leave since she was still there and he was madly flirting with her.

But he finally left and I jumped up from my seat and left X_x; 

Anyway, onto other topics. I blame this on allergies. My left eye has been acting quite weird lately. Though, once I take my allergy meds it's not as bad... but it's still quite annoying. My left eye would water like crazy and would be SUPER itchy!

It makes me sad because though I don't wear a lot of makeup, I do wear it 3 times a week. And especially since I wanted to finish up a mascara! 
 THIS is the mascara I wanted to use up. Tarte's lights, camera, lashes! It's just a sample size I got awhile ago. I'm going to toss it after this post... since it's dried up. 

I think this mascara is okay. Not great, not bad. I usually wear waterproof because of my watery eyes but this one didn't even smudge or flake or... whatever. So that's pretty good :)

Here's what the wand looks like.

I don't plan on buying any more mascaras for awhile. I've kind of got a mascara stash X_x; Mostly high end. I JUST found them. I know I haven't used them either because... a lot of them were still in their packaging. Lol! This is quite sad because apparently my room DOES swallow up items and spits them out! Like I said, I just found them O_o;

The one I'll be using after is the Fairy Drops Scandal Queen one. Well, that's all I guess. 

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