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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

08.13.12 - It's so damned hot!!

 The what?!? I posted an EOTD (Eye of the Day)!?!? 

If you can't read the text:
All the eyeshadows were used from the TooFaced Natural Eye palette. 
Lids: Push-Up
Crease: Velvet Revolver
Outer V: Erotica
Lower Lashline: Honey Pot
Highlight: Silk Teddy
Primer: UDPP
Mascara: Maybelline VOLUMEXPRESS One by One (waterproof) in Blackest Black

No liner...I'm not good at liner and it always smudges/migrates all over the place when I do wear it. 

I wanted to try something new. I don't mean about my blog but about photos and editting. Basically, I want to practice my tablet. So, in order to do that, I need to start using it. I don't like doing digital art, but I need to do some digital toning because traditional tones are so expensive. Plus, hard to find. What that means is... I need to get used to the tablet!

So, I thought for photos, I'm going to start writing with my tablet ON the photos. (like above)

Also, I was playing with my point and shoot camera. I wanted to try and do some EOTD posts but I had to figure out a way to take pix of my eyebulbs ;P~ It took me 30 tries to get what you see above. It's quite difficult to do when you're as blind as me ;D~

I did try to do a FOTD (face of the day) but it's super duper hot today and no amount of makeup could cover my sweaty red face :D~

As of today, it'll be the sixth day in a row that we've experienced over 100 degree weather. Today and tomorrow will be the worst, as it's supposed to be 108 (which it was today). That's CRAZY! I feel bad for my dad and mom who have to build a fence! :(

A week ago, I hurt my right hand. I couldn't do much and thankfully, I just twisted it. Dad saw that watermelon was on sale at Safeway and made me go buy it before I went to work (I had a closing shift so I went late, while he was at work). He told me to get two. 

I put one in the trunk perfectly fine... but the second one slipped out of my hands and started falling! Now, your instincts say "OMG CATCH MEEE!!!" and that's what I tried to do. Except, I did catch it... when my right hand and wrist were in a weird position. 

The next day; my hand, wrist, and fingers hurt! I couldn't move them :( The worst pain was 2 days later. My wrist and fingers were swollen! Mom made me rub some Chinese ointment and oil stuff on them.... I guess it helped because a few days later and my hand is perfectly fine. ^_^;;

I was sad because I had just finished making my Just Another Day collection and I had to swatch them so I could post them up. I had a hard time doing them because my SLR is pretty heavy :( and I had to use my right hand to swatch.

It's funny how you don't realize how much you use your dominant hand.

Anyway, I took some random photos for this blog because it'd be boring if I didn't have some sort of photo in it! ^_^;

This has been my go to scent lately. It's only sold at Kohl's  . Just like the link, I got it in a set with my favorite scent of theirs because it was only sold that way when I went to get my 3rd bottle. But it was for $19.99. The funny thing was, they gave me a coupon for $20 and I went back the next day and bought another one O_o;; 

Honestly, I didn't think I'd like the Luv-a-licious [the one I'm talking about right now] because it seemed slightly more floral than Rock-N-Rebel, but I still really like it. Actually, they're quite similar, but Luv-a-licious has more floral scents to it. 

I don't know if you can see in the photo but it's almost gone. I think there's about 2 more squirts left. ^_^; It's okay, I've got another one and the two Rock-N-Rebels leftover! Plus, a bunch of body sprays and perfumes from Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret, and some higher end ones.

 It was my day off yesterday. My go to work shoes had holes in them :P They were just like these, ballet flats. I had another pair but the material doesn't like my feet or something because they keep hurting me ;(

Plus, we were out of toilet paper at home ^_^;;; I headed off to Wal-Mart for it; then headed next door to Payless Shoe Source for the shoes. No sale (so sad), but I got what you see above. They're both VERY comfortable!!! 

I wore these today. 

I have a little extra money this month and I'm going to buy some supplies for my store. Ingredients, jars, clamshells, labels, and maybe business cards [I haven't decided yet]. But all the stores I purchase from are on vacation or they're out of stock until next week *falls over*. I guess I'll have to wait a little longer.

I was looking for a new camera (WHAT!? AGAIN!!?!?). A point and shoot one. The one that I used for the above pix isn't really working. When I went to Pao's farewell thing, I dropped it and it kind of -_-; to explain? It works ONLY IF IT FEELS LIKE IT!!! -_-;;; Ugh!

So, I've been looking at this camera: 

Panasonic DMC - SZ7

I found a few on ebay that's cheaper than in the stores. Actually, I think this camera costs the same as my wonderfully broken one O_O; I did test it out/play with it at Target (yeah, I went there too, yesterday). It's got an AMAZING zoom! O_o;; 

Well, I'm starting to fall asleep. I don't have a day off tomorrow :/ My schedule this week and next week are going to be wonky. 

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