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Sunday, July 8, 2012

I've not been in the best of moods. I've been having some extreme emotional problems lately (err it's called depression, lady). Usually, what gets me out of my funk is playing games that'll distract me and make me concentrate. 

When I had my Android phones, I had downloaded this game. I really loved it. My fave type of games are time management games and of course, this one is too. 

What you have to do is basically fill their orders as fast as you can. In this screenshot, I did on my phone... I'm on level 55 and I was losing LOL! It gets faster and faster and the "customers" are more and more impatient so their wait time is less than what it is in Level 1. Plus, they're demanding more things and you have to hurry and pick up the money or else the thief will steal your money. 

I also have the worst luck EVER! But, I feel bad if I even talk about it. One of the other supervisors turned in his two week's notice. Which of course means that someone has to move up. His position is Sup 2. (I'm Sup 3). [Here's the hierarchy of our dept: Dept Manager, Sup 1, Sup 2, Sup 3 (etc; up to Sup 9 and part timers). Basically, in our department, I'm 4th in charge. 

Anyway, he's been with the company for almost 10 years (maybe it IS 10 years?) and he found a better job doing different things. We were happy for him and are sad to see him go. Especially for people who've been with him for many years (like me!). 

There was a lot of discussion between him and our dept mgr that I was going to be Sup 2. I was excited for one reason: PAY RAISE!

This is how my life there had been: Cashier --> Sup 9 [aka hiring manager] --> Sup 4 --> Sup 3

Sup 3, 4, and 9 have the same pay rate. So I've been promoted 3 times, but my pay didn't change. :/ I really need that money too. So I was excited...

Then the BOMB was dropped. There were some complications and he might not be able to get the job. So, he begged our manager to see if he turned in his form to our corporate office and if he did could they put a stop to it. So that's what our manager did. 

I know about the complications and I don't want to air them out since they're pretty bad and a very personal matter to him... and it makes me feel really bad for him :( So basically, I can kiss my promotion and raise good-bye.

And this is why I feel bad about mentioning feeling disappointed about not getting it. I know he needs it too and... *sigh* 

Anyway! The groups I'm in on FB were making nailpolish rings. It looked like fun. I have a lot of nailpolish that doesn't work on me or whatever [ZOYA!!! I'm talking about you!!!]. But I didn't have the clear flat cabochons they used. 

Instead, I had some pressed eyeshadow pans. I didn't have a lot but I was like "hmmm...I wonder if this'll work". ^_^; And it did! They're a lot of fun btw, but my room now reeks of nailpolish!

 I took this pic with my iPhone and posted it on my FB. These are the first two I made...

 Used my digital camera here and with the flash.

I planned on giving these to my friends at work. I was going to attach some magnets to the bottom of them. We all have lockers at work so I thought it'd be cute for their lockers. Anyway, as I left the house, I put them in a baggie and put them in my car. Some of it still wasn't dry and I thought the heat in the car (it's been really hot here) would dry them out more. But I didn't close the baggie tight enough of whatever because the green one (this one) flew out of the bag when I picked it up and I can't find it X_x; It's probably in the DEEP crevices of the car seats... 

And for the pink wasn't completely dry when I picked it up and accidentally SMUDGED the crap out of it :( So I was quite sad.

Before I left, I started on two new ones... Once I got home, I ended up finishing those two and made two new ones. I also went to Michael's and picked up some glitters,...

 All the blue ones came out awesomely. The orange one...ehh not so much. I shouldn't have chosen such clashing colors. X__x;

But, here they are, close-up. No flash and taken in daylight...:

 I added stickers in the layers of nailpolish :P

 Yeah this one turned out... -_-; not so great ;P

 I didn't know what sticker to use so I just used one of my innocent+twisted ones...

 This one's cute :)

I've been watching imomoko's FB when they showed these handcreams in their "COMING SOON" (or something like that) photos and I was like OMFG! I have to have it!!!! It was even better when they had a 10% coupon code for them ♥♥♥!

This is how it was packaged. I took these images on my phone in the locker room at work. Lol! The hand cream is quite thick and well... it feels like a body butter. UNFORTUNATELY, I absolutely, and completely DESPISE the scent. In fact, when I was showing it off at work (LOL!) everyone agreed with me on the scent. Then again, I don't like floral scents.

It also reminds me of a lighter version of Moonlight Path from Bath & Body Works, which I also don't like. Most people thought it smelled like a lot of drugstore lotions: Nivea, Johnson & Johnson, Vaseline, Lubriderm, etc.

 Sorry this is sideways, I didn't feel like editting the photo. But the packaging is so damned cute X_x; So I decided to scoop out the hand cream and re-fill with a different one. (After washing it of course)

 I ended up putting Bath & Body Works' Fiji Passionfruit. I like this scent... and I think I put too much. You know, this thing is pretty small (the Bee container) but it fit HALF of the FIJI lotion O_o;;; But like I said...I filled it too much because once I close it, the lotion comes out at the seams. Lol! Whoops :D

 Here are the other hand creams I bought. These are so adorable. And when I say adorable... I mean they're quite small. but they're so cute it doesn't matter. LOL 

Etude House's Mini JamJam Hand lotion in Strawberry and Steamed Milk. I honestly like how the strawberry one smells a lot more. Steamed Milk is okay...but Strawberry makes me drool. Lol!

There's a little foil thinger to prevent leakage. But that's when you first buy them. You have to peel it off (duh!! obviously :P) to use it.

Anyway, I guess that's it :) Hoping everything will be alright with me soon...

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